Thursday, April 21, 2011

Entry #853

Cut is going good. Swam laps on Tuesday a few hours after OHP day and went on an hour LISS run yesterday in the rain. Still eating reasonably big, just low carbs. An example of my breakfast:

5 whole eggs
1 grapefruit
Glass of whole milk

I've basically cut out all wheat and most starch. Weekends will be carb loading days.

I don't believe in carb loading as described by Pasquale by way of it somehow switching your biochemistry so you're more prone to converting fat into glycogen, though. I've seen no evidence that you can train yourself off of carbs, they'll always be more efficient for energy conversion (EliteFTS had a good chart on this).

Going to be monitoring my strength state closely. If I'm on a consistent decline I'll terminate the cut and try again in a few weeks.