Monday, January 10, 2011

Entry #839

Currently I'm without internet access save for my phone (which is pretty bitching, fortunately) and the occasional late night ravaging at Starbucks and other wi-fi enabled locations with my laptop. Right now I'm posting this from my Droid X. Lifting is going great. I'm making fast gains on Madcow's 5x5 (full-body splits are a novelty to me) and recouping what I lost. Thoughts are going to be pretty scattered since I'm typing this in between sets at the gym.

Something I just decided two minutes ago: I can't keep ascending this much on bent-over rows and expect to remain injury-free. Just now I did 265 for 4 reps. I never attain muscle failure; rather, I noticed I was using too much lower back so I terminated the set short of 5. I feel smart about it. I plan on going slowly and steadily until I hit 275, ,)possibly 315 if I get a belt, for 5 before switching to safer weighted pull-ups.

Bench tonight was 275 for 4 (hard, barely got it) and squat was 315 for 5 (very easy, could have done more). I'm up to about 209 from 205 last week.