Sunday, December 4, 2011

Entry #983

Had a kick-ass job going for me with a demolition crew. Basically I got paid $10 an hour to break shit with a sledgehammer. When I got there and was told what to do I practically had joyful tears welling up in my eyes as I picked up my weapon and laid waste to my ordered enemy: building. I bonded with a sledgehammer that day.

Then I got laid off 8 hours later because they found out I was injured two weeks ago, even though I'm pain-free now and can do the work no problem. PUSSIES.

Decided to drown out my sorrows with squats.

SSB squats:
305 lbs x 3 x 5

8s x 5

One-armed dumbbell press:
115 lbs x 3 x 5 - right arm
50 lbs x 20, 15 - 15; left arm

3-board press:
135 lbs x 5
> Still too much ROM for that kind of weight. Shoulder hurt. Going to ditch this.

NG pull-ups:
3 x 10 
Able to do pull-ups now, no pain. 

Face pulls:
20 reps 

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