Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Entry #982

Trying out a new format: weight x sets x reps. Gonna be tedious and keep writing "lbs" to make it extra clear for me, at least for now.

SSB squats:
300 lbs x 5, 5, 4
> Wow, only got 2 last time. Funny how the body works sometimes. This weight is very light to me, but the form takes getting used to. Starting to get accustomed to squatting this frequently. Legs were less sore coming in. 

5 lb dumbbells x 5
> Rehab and warm-up. 

Board press:
45 lbs x 30 (3 board)
45 lbs x 20 (2 board)
> Warm-up.

One-armed neutral-grip dumbbell press:
Right arm: 112.5 lbs x 3 x 5
Left arm: 40 lbs x 3 x 30
> When I use my custom dumbbell handles it'll always have an extra 2.5 tacked on because I need to use heavy locking pins to secure the plates on extra-tight. Can't have it raining down metal on me (actually that'd kick ass, what am I saying).

Cable pressdowns:
Entire stack x 30
> Good pump but can't wait to get my bands to use for this. 

Standing unilateral dumbbell rows:
Right arm: 100 lbs x 20, 20, 12
Left arm: Unknown x 20, 20, 12
> Unmarked dumbbells, what are ya gonna do. This actually shouldn't be a problem for long because the dumbbells have divided plates on them, and I'm starting to memorize visually how much weight the corresponding plates are. Four of them is 80. Wait...that means each plate is 10 lbs, so I should easily be able to tell. I sure am quick today. I guess that means each dumbbell is actually a little heavier because there's also the bar, too, but whatever.
> Reps on left arm were extremely slow to promote maximum blood flow through the recovering region, something I should have done and will do in the future for dumbbell pressing. 

Dumbbell preacher curls
> Shoulder didn't like these so did standing curls for that side. 

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