Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Entry #938

Midnight training last night:

307.5 x 3
357.5 x 3
395 x 11
> First set was the hardest. 395 felt very light.

GHR, with bands:
7, 7, 7
6, 7
> Ditched the resistance to isolate the hamstrings better.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Entry #937

Went on a 50 minute walk. Felt fucking hungry. I'm sitting at home now waiting for my steak to finish.

I'm no chef but I think I make a pretty badass steak. Use organic butter with live microbial cultures, cook the steak (I use chuck because it has more fat) until rare, and drench with olive oil and feta cheese. You're on your way to becoming Kratos.

Entry #936

Several hours after lifting last night I did hill sprints. First time doing them in Oregon. It's not nearly as steep as my favorite one in California but it gets the job done, and it's much longer. Did one test run and three full-out sprints.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Entry #935

Overhead press:
132.5 x 3
152.5 x 3
170 x 9
> Shoulder felt great.

25 x 8, 4 sets

Band pull-aparts:

25 x 8, 8, 5, 5, 5

Curls with Fat Gripz:
50s x 8, 7, 6

Left hand has been hurting really badly for some reason the past few days but it felt much better today.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Entry #934

Posting this from my phone.

Major milestone again: I can do bench press and low bar squats.


Bench press:
195 x 5
230 x 5
255 x 10

Crazy plates:
140 x 9, 10, 9, 8, 7
> Got the idea to use these as shoulder rehab from Louie Simmons.

Dumbbell rows:
125 x 8, 8, 7, 6, 5



247.5 x 5
285 x 5
325 x 9

Clean-grip front squats:
205 x 7, 3 sets


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Entry #933

Went swimming early in the afternoon, and went on an hour-long walk in the evening. Starting to look real slim.

Cheat day tomorrow. Fuck to the yeah.

Entry #932

Back on 5/3/1. Starr's routine was KILLING my shins, probably from doing Olympic squats ATG (still can't do low bar squats with my shoulder).


122.5 x 5
140 x 5
160 x 10


285 x 5
330 x 5
375 x 12

Not counting accessory work

Basically I seem to be at the same level of strength as I was before my shoulder subluxed. That's pretty good.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Entry #931

Huge milestone. Was able to overhead press 175 with no shoulder pain. First time doing barbell pressing since the incident.

I've been on a steady diet of daily Turkish get-ups. Not sure how much they've been contributing, but I'm going to keep doing 'em.

Safety-band squats:
287.5, 5x5
> Shins have been hurting lately. Remember to take Animal Pak tonight.

410 x 5
415 x 5
415 x 5

Overhead press:
95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 5
175 x 5

NG pull-ups:
45, 5x5

Friday, August 12, 2011

Entry #930

Band squats:
5x5, 330
> Legs felt sore after the first set, probably from last week.

Unilateral dumbbell press:
Right arm
70, 90, 105, 120 x 5
135 x 1
130 x 4
Left arm
45, 55, 65 x 10
75 x 5
80 x 17
> 135 felt like a ton while 130 was way easier. Just a result of not keeping tense properly.

Bent-over dumbbell rows:
70, 90, 105, 115, 130 x 5
> Nice, I can pull heavy with my left arm, too.

These workouts are taking me around an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half. Gonna try to go faster next time.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Entry #929

HIIT yesterday for about 9 minutes. 12/45 intervals.

80 minute hungry walk today with whey dissolving in my mouth for the BCAAs.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Entry #928

Safety-band squats:
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 5
315 x 5
350 x 5
> ATG. Had to use the squat rack instead of the power racks due to curl jockies and had a really long walk-out to contend with since the sides are too high for me to go all the way down.

Unilateral dumbbell press:
125 x 5, 4, 5, 4, 5 (right arm)
60 x 10, 65 x 10, 65 x 15, 65 x 15, 70 x 15 (left arm)
> Weird, my reps kept fluctuating with the 125 dumbbell. I found that a lot of it was about tension and breathing.

Bent-over dumbbell rows:
125 x 5, 5 sets (right arm)
75 x 10 with Fat Gripz, 5 sets (left arm)

Some dude next to me put up 405, then 500 on the bar. He proceeded to do reps of quarter squats. Actually they were shallower than that.

I guess it's something (but not much) if you can even hold that weight up, but why don't you just do real squats so you can eventually squat that weight for...well, real? You're not getting heightened quad activation or whatever from pussy squats, stop kidding yourself.

Entry #927

Captains of Crush trainer: 37 reps, 20 reps, 12 reps (both hands)

Practiced Turkish get-ups with my dumbbell handles.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Entry #926

Might get kicked out of the apartment. Gonna tell the landlord to shut up and squat.


Safety-band squats:
285, 5x5
> Doing Bill Star's template so this is 12% less than day 1. Legs were sore as sin going in but now they feel a lot better. Already getting used to squatting thrice a week.

315 x 5 (overhand)
405 x 2 (overhand; grip failed)
405 x 5
> Just testing the waters. Really happy that my shoulder can handle deadlifts. Was originally going to do one-handed deadlifts. And 405 pronated is pretty swell. Also, I've never done deads this heavy after squats.

One-armed dumbbell strict press, standing:
75 x 5, 5 sets (right arm)
32.5 x 6, 35 x 15, 40 x 20, 45 x 8, 45 x 7 (left arm)
> Felt some clicking in both shoulders. Going to start prehabbing with Turkish get-ups.

NG pull-ups:
x 5
32.5 x 5, 5
35 x 5, 5
> Sweet, I can do pull-ups now, too.

Great session. Can't wait until I can bench press.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Entry #925

Tried out a free day at Crunch Fitness today. These were the two main dilemmas I was faced with:

1. No squat/power rack.

2. Dumbbells that only go up to 80.


1. Squat in the Mactrack rack.

2. Bring my own dumbbell bars.

The first one almost ended in disaster. First I tried to set the bar up on parallel bars at a dip station. It sucked; my feet had no room so I had to stand like a ballerina and then tried to shuffle out. And it was way too low so I was doing a quarter-squat every time I needed to unrack. So I was cleaning up after trying 225 and the bar suddenly tips over and nearly impales this little Asian girl using the cables right next to me. It went right between her feet. I apologized profusely over and over again while she just smiled and shyly said it was okay. Then I apologized to her mom nearby and brother and they brushed it off. Damn, you get used to assholes so much that it's almost uncomfortable when someone is that nice.

Next I went over to the Maxrack. Also known as a Jones machine, it's like a Smith but with 3D movement. Still a POS. I brought over an Olympic bar and set it on the little knurls that rack the machine bar. The barbell wasn't long enough so it sat crooked because one side was resting on the bar past the collars. Then a breakthrough: I managed to fit it in between the plates but past the collar as long as the plates were loosely secured. I'm doing a terrible job illustrating this, but basically, I got the bar straight and was able to do squats. Reracking is kind of a pain but even when it's crooked I can get it out again.

All of this trial-and-error was kind of fatiguing but I still had a better session than last time.

Safety-band squats:
325 x 5, 4 sets
325 x 3, 1 set

Unilateral dumbbell press:
60, 80, 100, 115, 125 x 5; right arm
50 x 5, 10, 15, 20, 25; left arm
> With my good arm I progressed on weight, and with the bad I progressed with reps.

Bent-over rows:
These started standing and then on the last set I realized I was able enough to support myself on the bench.
60, 80, 100, 110, 115; right arm
60 with Fat Gripz x 5, 10, 15, 20, 25; left arm

Great day.

These are my XMark dumbbell handles. $50 for both off Amazon. Here they're loaded with 125 lbs:

I don't like how the handle is as wide as a barbell. I'd prefer a thick bar. And the handle is too short to fit my Fat Gripz. Gonna think of something to wrap around them. Otherwise they kick ass.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Entry #924

Fuck yeah.

Doing a full-body plan to accommodate my shoulder. Was able to do squats using the exercise bands as handles. High bar, narrower stance, but squats are squats. Thanks go to Emevas for getting the idea started to use vice grips, which got me doing a lot of research and discovering how vintage strongman J.V. Askem would use lifting straps for front squats.

Eventually I came across the Top Squat by Dave Draper, a piece of equipment that latches on to a barbell and mimics a SSB (but with wider handles). This retarded thing was almost $200 and one guy complained that the bar shifts and rattles inside it.

I set out instead to buy a cheap pair of straps off Amazon. In the meantime I simply tried using the gym bands and they worked marvelously.

Safety-band squats:
315 x 5
> ATG. Note to self: low bar, wide stance, don't even bother with ATG as long as I get below parallel. Narrower stance tonight shows me that there's a form for going super deep and a form for simply lifting a helluva lot.

Unilateral dumbbell press:
55, 70, 95, 105, 115 x 5; right arm
45 x 5-30 reps; left arm
> Good thing I ordered my own dumbbell handles because I'm going to blast through 125 easily.

Standing bent-over dumbbell rows:
40, 55, 75, 80 with Fat Gripz; 90 x 5; right arm
40-45 x 5-25 with Fat Gripz; left arm

On a side-note, it's been exactly one year since I subluxed my shoulder the first time (note FreshDre's creepy comments being consistently there back then):