Sunday, June 19, 2011

Entry #894

Madcow was beating me up.

1. I don't know why the hell my shoulders started to be pricks now of all times, but the inflexibility is killing my wrists. I might be going lower and lower down my back without realizing it.

2. Low bar squats before benching is making my shoulders weak for heavy pressing. It's puzzling that Rippetoe says not to do squats the day before benching in Practical Programming (which I'm rereading) because of this, yet his routine as well as Starr's has them on the same day.

3. I can't do power cleans right now. First, I'm gonna need to pick up some padding, maybe patio tiles ala what Emevas has been doing, to make them public-friendly. Second, I can recognize that I'm not very good at them yet, as much as I LOVE doing them. The only thing I'm really doing wrong anymore is not actively pulling myself down to catch the bar, but this is the biggest one because my back has been killing me ever since. I think doing squats the day before yesterday aggravated it. I was supposed to deadlift heavy that day, too - just not happening.

1 and 3 are my own shortcomings. Just gonna have to do what's been working for me. Really was unwise to switch things up when I was progressing just fine.


  1. You could make your own defacto safety squat bar using vice grips like this guy'll help take the pressure off your shoulders.

  2. I was trying to think of ways for a homemade SSB. This greatly helps, thanks so much.