Monday, June 6, 2011

Entry #888

Did circuit training at 12:30 last night.

Woman runs: about 20 secs
> These involve carrying a woman and running for an allotted distance. They can be found in most places. Very pertinent to strongman.

Shadow boxing: 10 rounds, 60 secs, 30 sec rests

Lots of stretching later.


  1. How do you find a woman for the woman runs? Do you rape them, or just let them go?

  2. @l3loodFist - Do you mean rape kits, or woman kits?I thought you buy a rape kit from the doctor after you're raped. It usually involves some instruments to collect the DNA from your beaten vag and other orifices.The only rape kit Wal-mart sells include duct tape, a razor blade and ski mask. They used to include lubricant, but they switched it out for a razor blade so you can use warm fresh blood as lube.