Monday, January 31, 2011

Entry #840

Some current updates:

Bench is up to 275 x 5 (easy)
ATG squat is up to 345 x 3 (moderate)
Deadlift is all over the place. 
Bent-over row is up to 275 x 5 (hard, form not as strict as I would like)

These aren't my max numbers, just what I've done in my deliberate progression (for example, tomorrow I'll take that squat weight and do 5). And, of course, when I say "up to" I really mean "up to again", since I'm retreading old ground to get back to previous levels.

Can't fucking wait to start Muay Thai again. Unfortunately, my right fist is not totally in commission due to my pinkie finger. It was slashed about two months ago with a broken bottle and I can't enclose it fully; I think there's glass stuck inside.

I call them souvenirs.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Entry #839

Currently I'm without internet access save for my phone (which is pretty bitching, fortunately) and the occasional late night ravaging at Starbucks and other wi-fi enabled locations with my laptop. Right now I'm posting this from my Droid X. Lifting is going great. I'm making fast gains on Madcow's 5x5 (full-body splits are a novelty to me) and recouping what I lost. Thoughts are going to be pretty scattered since I'm typing this in between sets at the gym.

Something I just decided two minutes ago: I can't keep ascending this much on bent-over rows and expect to remain injury-free. Just now I did 265 for 4 reps. I never attain muscle failure; rather, I noticed I was using too much lower back so I terminated the set short of 5. I feel smart about it. I plan on going slowly and steadily until I hit 275, ,)possibly 315 if I get a belt, for 5 before switching to safer weighted pull-ups.

Bench tonight was 275 for 4 (hard, barely got it) and squat was 315 for 5 (very easy, could have done more). I'm up to about 209 from 205 last week.