Monday, July 26, 2010

Entry #826

ME upper

Bodyweight x 5
25 lbs. x 5
45 lbs. x 5
55 lbs. x 5
65 lbs. x 5
75 lbs. x 5
85 lbs. x 5
> Not too difficult. Biggest issue was shakiness and lack of stability. Also, I should find a way to hang the weights behind me so I'm not pulled forward so much. I did a good job of resisting it and keeping somewhat straight but I want to avoid what happened years ago with my sternum from dips.

Arnold press:
80 lb. dumbbells x 8
80 lb. dumbbells x 7
80 lb. dumbbells x 6
65 lb. dumbbells x 9

Tricep pushdowns:
Entire stack x 8
x 8
x 8
x 10

Bent-over dumbbell rows:
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 10
> The heaviest they have, unfortunately. I used to use the 120s.

Hammer curls:
60 lb. dumbbells x 16
55 lb. dumbbells x 12
45 lb. dumbbells x 12

God, I needed that.

I'm weighing 210 lbs. with no food in me. Work has been killer. I've been training consistently - even when I was away in San Luis Obispo I went out to the woods behind our inn and did TFS - but diet has been sporadic.

I'd probably tout the fact that I'm the strongest pound-for-pound that I've ever been if I cared about relativism. As it stands..."The universe don't give a shit what you weigh. What matters is whether you pick up this heavy ass weight or not."