Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entry #817

Unbelievably, I'm down to 210 lbs. Shit's getting serious.

I've been regressing back to old perfectionist ways and it's a grave hindrance to productivity. I cannot sustain any kind of GPP when I'm missing training sessions because my OCD kicks into gear from taking too long to eat or something and I decide to hold off my workout for the next day (only to have the cycle repeat, of course, making "next day" turn into "next week"). Consequently, all I've been managing the last few weeks is one ME day a week, occasionally DE leg day if I'm exceptionally motivated. Unacceptable.

Conversely, yesterday and today were some of the best periods in recent memory. I did 6 sets/5 reps of benching going all the way up to 275, 280, and 285. Not exceptionally high numbers, but usually I crap out and only muster 3 reps or something on the last few sets whenever I try to do straight 5s. This should bode well for doing 315 x 3 next week.

Today I forgot that the gym closes at 9 so I only finished a few sets of overhead squats before I had to leave. I went on one of the farthest runs I've ever done, instead. Going by my pace and the duration of it, it must have been about five miles (shut-up, I've never been a distance runner).