Thursday, December 23, 2010

Entry #838

Xanga ate up this entry so I'll just briefly recap. I'm doing Madcow's intermediate 5x5 to get back into the swing of things. More extrapolation later - for now, here's what I did yesterday. Session was done at 2 AM after having woken up at 7 AM the previous day so I was tired going in.

135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 5
305 x 5

Bench press:
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
255 x 5
260 x 4

Bent-over rows:
135 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 5
225 x 5
245 x 5

Nice and simple. Will add assistance exercises next week.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Entry #837

Bravo, one previous entry for November. That's worth ethic.

Had a nasty neck injury (cervical disc herniation by my best guess) from doing supinated cable rows (embarrassing) somehow, but I'm back in commission for the most part.

In other news, I'm leaving for Portland, OR tomorrow morning and I'm basically up late packing. Training will increase by a large magnitude, particularly fighting.

I've been spending the entire week with my dad and I'm actually going to miss the old battle axe - a lot. I've just been brushing off sentimental expectations this entire time but I'm clearly not immune. He's a badass and my best friend.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Entry #836

Progress on shoulder is going great. Might be able to back squat next week. I was able to fit the bar behind me today but didn't feel comfortable doing that with a full load so I did front squats up to 315. Failed on a third rep, but this is a major improvement over 305 x 2 a couple of weeks ago.

In another milestone I think I may have finally gotten the hand of doing the aforementioned with a snatch grip instead of folding my arms. Will try it out with my working sets next week.

Yesterday saw major breakthroughs. Basically, I repeated the exact workout (dips + Arnold press, two movements I have not been able to do since) on the day of my subluxation.

1. Was able to do dips with 100 lbs. for 5 reps. No pain except crushing my fingers with this cumbersome-ass set-up (keeping the plates behind me instead of in front so I don't lean forward, which is a pain to prepare), but whatever, it's training, not gardening.

2. Managed doing full effort Arnold press with 80 lb. dumbbells for 10 reps.


Pic from Halloween of me setting fire to an innocent woodland village.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Entry #835

Weight is up to 212.

Loading up on creatine. Haven't taken this shit for years. Am using dextrose with water as the solvent.

It's been awhile since I've done this, so to start up again:

ME upper

Floor press:
135 x 5
185 x 5
225 x 5
255 x 5
275 x 5
285 x 5
> Very good. Shoulder held up. First time pushing at max effort since the injury.

135 x 8
135 x ?
135 x ?
135 x ?
> I just stopped when I could do no more, but they were all either at 6 or 7 reps following the first set.

Lateral flyes:
45 lb. dumbbells x 10
45 lb. dumbbells x 8
30 lb. dumbbells x 10

JS rows:
225 x 8
225 x 8
225 x 8
225 x 8
225 x 8

Tried to use the EZ bar for preacher curls. FUCK, my radius bones hurt. Doing heavy bar curls the previous weeks took their toll. Will make sure to rotate from barbells to dumbbells every cycle if I'm going to crank out 115 lb.+ curls like that.

Did bilateral dumbbell curls with the 45s instead.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Entry #834

Training has been the most consistent in months. Diet has been up to par, too. I'm buying whole milk and cottage cheese instead of low fat. Before I didn't really pay it much heed as long as it wasn't skim, but no more skimping on fat for me.

Entire body is sore. Hopefully I adapt, or else I may have to crib some days for boxing practice. Yes, I'm going to be signing up for Dreamland this month. I really wish I could do Muay Thai but anything that isn't boxing (or...TKD and generic "karate") is unaffordable right now.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Entry #833

Deadlift form is currently in the range of "atrocious". Had to cut my attempted ME session short last week at, like, 365 because my knees were locking out so much earlier than my back. Used my Droid X's camcorder mode to confirm this.

The day before that was very productive, though - my shoulder was able to handle repping 225 on bench press with no pain. ROM, while still not complete, was much deeper than the week prior and the bar even managed to brush against my chest on later reps.

Today for RE I increased the weight in pretty much everything. Sure, it's still weight I've done before, but never with a recovering shoulder and at only 207 lbs. of bodyweight. Progress.

Reading a lot of good T-Nation articles tonight. Also, dig the Street Fighter-inspired beach picture:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Entry #832

Progress. Was able to dumbbell press the 80 lbers bilaterally with no shoulder pain. ROM wasn't absolutely 100% but it was more than satisfactory. Did this as RE, hence the low weight.

The fact that I did ME pull-ups on Thursday was also pretty awesome. My shoulder is really coming along.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Entry #831

Productive day. First full ME session in months, though it was with pulls - worked up to doing 80 lbs. on pull-ups for 5 reps (3 next week, as has been my preferred pattern). No shoulder pain.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Entry #830

At last, I've obtained the enemy's itinerary. I'm posting the gym's CrossFit schedule here so I can know when to avoid that place like the plague.

    Class times:

    Monday and Wednesday: 6 a.m., 7 a.m., noon, 5:30 p.m.

    Tuesday and Thursday: noon, 6:00 p.m.

    Friday: 6 a.m., 7 a.m., noon, 5:00 p.m.

    Saturday: 10:00 a.m

Friday, August 27, 2010

Entry #829

Training has been going superbly. Did a full 4 days this week. On ME day I did more of a RE approach using unilateral lifts to accommodate my bad shoulder. For the main lift I dumbbell pressed a 100 lb. dumbbell one-handed for 10 reps, then switched to a 50 lb. dumbbell with my bad arm for 30-40 reps (not full ROM). Imbalances? Tough, they'll even it out when I'm better. There's absolutely no reason to let my other 3 limbs suffer in the meantime.

On Tuesday I did DE with weighted depth jumps. Holding 40 lb. dumbbells, I jumped on a 28-inch box for 10 sets.

Yesterday I did RE with rows.

Today, disappointment set in as I realized I'm unable to do squats - my shoulder, while improving in strength (I'm able to use it functionally with no pain for many exercises one would think otherwise about), is not flexible enough to grasp the bar behind my back. I did front squats instead, but my legs were so sore from Tuesday that I barely managed 275 for three reps. It felt gratifying to lockout through the pain, even though that weight used to be child's play.

Also went on a long run on Wednesday.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Entry #828

Just got back from the gym after my first day since the injury. I didn't last long.

I would chalk that up to successful condition monitoring. I didn't hurt myself or experience any resonating pain. I simply began to note that my shoulder was growing more sore so I terminated the session. It was rehabilitative and productive while it lasted, so I'm calling it a success as far experimenting with my ability and trying to get a sense of how to train from here on out is concerned. I went in with the intent of doing a bodybuilding-style workout with lots of super-sets to compensate for the drop in weight, but that didn't happen. I managed to put up 135 on pin press, but I decided that going to the intended 225 for reps would have been too much. Besides, the bounce of the barbell on the safety bars wasn't feeling too good. I should try this again with board pressing instead.

I'm toying with the idea of using the TFS pyramid scheme on board presses. Because the volume is high in reps, the weight is kept reasonable - but because it's applied in "bursts" instead of fewer, longer sets, it can still be relatively heavy and healthy for my shoulder (by the way, I'm foregoing bench press for board and pin press due to the limited ROM, of course). I also want to try doing bodybuilding-form bench press to incorporate more chest and less shoulders (maybe stopping an inch above chest level, still).

Finally, I'm following Diesel Crew's rehab video, although I'm not following it as a strict regimen 6 days a week or anything.

It's frustrating but my condition continues to improve. I will be back. I will have revenge.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Entry #827

Injured my shoulder today. Since typing is kind of painful I'm just going to copy-and-paste the explanation from GameFAQs:

Today I was doing Arnold presses ( with 85 lb. dumbbells. Usually this doesn't pose much trouble but I'd just done 8 sets of dips (working up to 135 lbs.) and fatigue was a factor - consequently, it felt harder than I expected it to. I managed 5 reps, but on the 6th, as I struggled overhead, I suddenly felt the left dumbbell fall backward...with my arm in tow. I heard a CRUNCH in my shoulder as the humerus popped out of its socket. The weight fell on the ground and my arm hung loose as it somehow popped itself back in. What a wuss. I was so ashamed of it, I shunned the other limp arm as I continued lifting with my good one. Then I decided to end things there.

Not to state the blatantly obvious, but more as a reminder: lift heavy or lift more reps (though still moderately heavy, just enough for the rep range), but if you ever try to combine the two and really attempt to power every rep, don't push it when you start having trouble. This is how I've injured myself in every single instance. It always happens on the last rep and, except for this time, on the last set.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Entry #826

ME upper

Bodyweight x 5
25 lbs. x 5
45 lbs. x 5
55 lbs. x 5
65 lbs. x 5
75 lbs. x 5
85 lbs. x 5
> Not too difficult. Biggest issue was shakiness and lack of stability. Also, I should find a way to hang the weights behind me so I'm not pulled forward so much. I did a good job of resisting it and keeping somewhat straight but I want to avoid what happened years ago with my sternum from dips.

Arnold press:
80 lb. dumbbells x 8
80 lb. dumbbells x 7
80 lb. dumbbells x 6
65 lb. dumbbells x 9

Tricep pushdowns:
Entire stack x 8
x 8
x 8
x 10

Bent-over dumbbell rows:
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 8
100 lb. dumbbells x 10
> The heaviest they have, unfortunately. I used to use the 120s.

Hammer curls:
60 lb. dumbbells x 16
55 lb. dumbbells x 12
45 lb. dumbbells x 12

God, I needed that.

I'm weighing 210 lbs. with no food in me. Work has been killer. I've been training consistently - even when I was away in San Luis Obispo I went out to the woods behind our inn and did TFS - but diet has been sporadic.

I'd probably tout the fact that I'm the strongest pound-for-pound that I've ever been if I cared about relativism. As it stands..."The universe don't give a shit what you weigh. What matters is whether you pick up this heavy ass weight or not."

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

Entry #824

My overhead number is utterly abysmal. I pressed 210 for a single today. Compare that to 225 x 3 9 months ago:

At this rate I'm going to have to grow 50 mustaches just to be considered tough enough for a breast pump commercial. Progress, this is not.

Of course, I'm only 212 lbs. with much better cardio, so it's not like it's been a linear regression. If my present self were to fight my 240 juggernaut form I would win as is. In fact, I pound-for-pound I'm stronger than I was then, since I basically overhead pressed my bodyweight. And yet, as Mark Rippetoe once succinctly proverbed, "The universe don't give a shit what you weigh. All that counts is what you pick up from the ground."

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Entry #823

Can barely walk from crippling soreness in my calves and posterior. These good-for-nothing legs aren't tough enough to cry at a sunset without spraining a fallopian tube. Don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow for ME; I can't squat heavy as it is.

Good RE today. Dumbbell pressed the 100s for 15 with little difficulty.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Entry #822

Just watched Tom-Yum-Goong. Even though George and I saw it in theaters...goddamn. Ong-Bak was slightly better, though.

My deadlift form is atrocious. Knees are habitually locking out way before my back finishes the ROM (evident in my last YouTube video), probably as a result of disproportionate lower back strength. Did a bunch of speed sets today with 225, preparing for when I pull heavy.

Over the weekend I got a pair of Chuck Taylor's from Foot Locker, so I'll no longer be squatting or deadlifting barefoot. I've noticed that the pressure that the sole provides makes a big difference in stability. My feet start to hurt a little bit if I do overhead squats barefoot (though strangely the same is not true with heavy back squats).

Entry #822

I'm still hovering around the 212 range, but progress is coming in all lifts after just two days of returning to the gym. Full speed ahead.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Entry #821

T̤̱̯͙̯̻̻̈ͯo̵̞͔̰͕̙ͯ̎̉̆͑ ̜̩̖͕̣̱̄̽͑̄͂͊̏̚̚ị̹͉͇̙̬̙̒ͧ̒̍ͦ̋ͮ͠ṅ͓͔͈̩̓v̛̀҉͍̺̕o̼̣̮̤͙̅k̟̤̄̊̆̌̈e̵͕̞̤̘͌̓ͥ͂̀ ̡̤͔ͥ̆̎͠ţ͙̠̥̦͙̭̳ͬ̍́ẖ͐̾̑e̷̠͕̣̟̬̥̩̭͊ ̤͚̄h̘̖͖͕̤̰͚̟̿̃̃ͪ̽i̘̰̲̯̯̖̐ͯ̊ͬ͛͗̐̋͟v̥̫͈͒̍̒̅͆̾̌ͤe̟̠̻̋̿̿̓-̰͈̠̀̃̎͆̈́̑ͮ͑͋̕m͉̦̜̹͍̅͐̇͐̓̕i̶̢̜̟̦͇͚͎͎̍̀ͬ̍̈̊ͫ̕n̦̮̠͑ͪ̏ͮ͞ḑ͎̪̰̯̫͍̟ͨͨͩ̃ͦͪ̄͢ ̴͍̥̥͈̰̣̬͆͛ͫͧͤ͞͡ṟ̡̹̤͕͖͖̟͈ͪ̈́̅ͬ̑̔͒͞ĕ̮̺̜͇͑ͩͭ̾̕p̵̯̤͋́ͭ͆̾̃͌͡ͅr͗̽ͬ̃̉̕͏͙̥͔̫̗͖e͓̳̗͍̺̙̪̽ͯ͑̋ͅs̫̻̓́͘͝ë̢̱̞̠̬͙͚́̎̉̉̑̾ͅn̸͔̝̈́̽ͧ̎̍̓ͣ̋͘t̞̘̞̙̻̤ͧ̀̊ͯͦ͘͠ị̢͍̣̣̤̲̪̐̈̌ͭ̊ͤ͆͢͠n̴͖̥̱̟̺̼̪ͥͮ̍͐̿͞g̶̥̩̤͇͎͎͗̈́ͣ̀ ̗̰̲̙̙ͫ̌͂̀͜͞ͅc̷ͥ҉̳̱̪̩̝͕͖h̛̞̗̦̙͎̬̣̾͂̓̐ͮͭͧ̊a̹̣̺̩̘̾ͫ͘ͅo̵̷͔͌̈́̓͂ͩ͑̆̿͢s͎̰̝͉͉͛ͮ̉́ͥ̓̒ͨ̚.̧̢̜͎̟͑ͣ̎̌̈́̽ͬͦ̋̀ͅ
̶̸̡͉͎̺̜̏͛̓̋I̱̿̔ͯ̒̏̈ͣṋ̵̸̟͔̹̱͋̂̏͛̄v̶̞̥ͧ̎́͊͟o͚͉̙͇ͮ̈́͛͜k̴̼͍̓͊̓̐̿͐̔̂į͆̾̔̇̓ͭ͗̀͏͓̩̜̯̲̬̼͇ͅn̹̦͈͔̜͔ͬ̉̓̒̔͆̓̃́͞g̜̲̺̱̩̩͍̅ͯͣ̉̇̕ ̙̺̳̖̖ͭ͑t̴̢̰͍̯͉̠̟͙̿ͥͤ͂h̘͉͖̊̏̀e̸̝͎̞̭̬̭̫̩ͤͦ͋̌͐͐ͥ̄ ̲̹̱͖͚ͨ̃̏̉̂̃ͫ͝͡f̫̘̭̖̙̊̎ͪͦͥ͗̾̚͜͟e͓̫̮̋ͣ̋̅̓ͪͨͅe̡͙̩͇͚̍̿̒̄̆̆̈́̕l̨̛̰̦̟̑͐i͎͈͙͖̖͒͌ͤ̚͡͞n̍́͒ͨͯ̋͗̿҉̶̪͍̹̤̭̲̪͢g͌̊̊̌ͣͧ̏ͯ͏̝̯̖̫͠ ̢̪̻̩̥̩̭̏͐̂̈́̒̓̿ͥo̦̻̮̺̝͗ͥ͛̍̏͝͠f̬̘̱̟̦͈̃ͩ̀̾̆̅̊̈́͗͝ ̧̛͍͓̝̪̙͚͇͈ͫͨ̈́ͨ̀ć̶̥͑͊ͪ͗ͦ̾̍̌̕̕h̎͌̇̇̓ͩ͐͝͏̳̣̙̤a̵̧͉̰̳̰͙̟͍ͣ̉͗̈̀̐̈́̒o̶̹̰͖͉͉̹̱̼ͭ͛ͫͫͯ͌͂̕͟s͙̭͍̺ͫ́ͭ̓̏͛.̷ͯ̿̅̀̈́͝͏̤̬̳̘̲͍̝
̪͇͍͍͙͚̞ͭ͋̑͋́͡W͕̜̗̖̊͌͂̾̄͠i̶̛̬̣͎͍͉͖̻͗̇͘t̡̩̼͊̽̋̂͛ͥh̥̮͓͚͒̒ ̡͕̹͆͘͞ǫ͚̪͕̎́u̸̧̞̫̭̮̿̍͆̈̽t̻̤͈̜̳͔̪͗̆͆͆ͬͤ͛͂̕ ͈͇̾̌ͪ̌ͭọ͉̳͖̻̔̍̓́̉͌̚͘͘͟r̜̺̥̗̹͗ͦ̾̀͑͊͆̚d͕̫͇̠͖̲͒̈́̽̈́́e̅̈́ͤ̉͛ͬ̉̍̀҉̼̹͙̯͈̻͉͙͠͠r͆̇ͨͩͧ͐͞͞҉̤͙̝̦.̶̞̟̌͑
͙͗̂̉͡T̝̠̝̔̓̐h͛̾͏̼̤ë̤̟̤́̽͊͒̉́̐͝ ̙͔̱͚͓̞̼̖̪̐̊̋͐̽̔͋́͟Ņ̥̙̮̣̣ͪ̾͋̐͢e̢̫̘̬̬̹̍̌ͩ̊͊ͤ͋z̫͓̩͓̘͓ͥ̎ͪ̄̀p͒ͫ̌̋́ͫ̐̔҉͎̞͎̟̞̕͟ê̸̞͇̞̣̪̂ͧͯ̋̈͌ͅr̙̟̟͕̩͔̰̐ͦ͛̈́ͩ̃̈͟ḑ̬͇̽̄͗ͣ͒̔̌ͭ̄͜i̵̙̩͖͖ͪͥ͗͐ͬ͆å͔̟̥̜͙̱̠̃̇̔̾̓͆͟ṇ̢̬̙̠ͮ͋ͥ̍̓̄ ̸̛͉͍̭̜̝͊̒ḣ̵ͨ̒̔ͣͬ҉̝̰̲̗̻ͅī͉̽̋̏ͫͧ̌v͕̞̈͌̕e͉͉̜̣͎͖̝͈̗̔̂͋̎ͦ͋͗̐͜-͚͎̭̩̬̳̾͛͊́͒ͯ̓͐͢m̭̲̦̯̟̺̳̗̅͌ͬ͛͆̊́͆i̡̭̱̱̗̮̔́̈́͛ͮ̐ͦ͐n̨̯̭͈̪̩͖̜̜ͤͩ̈́ͮͫ͒ͮ͗d͔̀̄͊͢͝͝ ̥͓ͪ͋̋ͥ̑̽͋̚͝o̘̪̮̻̮̙͎̍̋̓̑̊ͩ͟f̛͔̘͖ͪ̋͛͠ ̦̰̖̓̅ͤ̉͛͒ͪç̠̫̺̳̲̓̓̀ȟ̨̨͚̖̯̞͈̥͚͎ͤ̈́̋̍ḁ͎̤̹ͪ͗͝͡ͅͅŏ͖̻̞̠͖̜͊͝ͅş̠̦͙̠̯͇ͤ̀̅̽̀̚͠.̸̡̧̠̣ͨ̊̊̓̐ͤ͗̿ͯ ̸̦̳̗͕̝ͥ̈́̀͋̔̏͌̆́Z̡̥̮͋̑͋ͬ̎ͮ̀̚a̪̣̣̩ͯ̉͑̓͌̐ͮl̙̘͈ͪͭ̃̿ͯ̽͋̑͟͟͡g̴͔̜͕̜͇̜̠ͪͭ̊ͨo̡̪̐ͥ̃͑ͨ̑͞.̵͚̹̣̹ͣͥ ̲͈̭̭̤̘̬̰̲̒͆̀ͤ̄͑ͥ
̶̶̵̤̟͚̓ͩH̷͔̭̙͉̘͚̲̘̻̐ͫ͐̅̊̍ͭͯͭ̀͟ē̱͈͓̥̥̜̞͔̔ͣ̎̓ͫ ̶̨̺̬̺͙̮̻ͣ̍̀͒̍w̺̜͉̺̤̱̯͇̅̾̓́̐̅͟͠h̙̻͎͓̓ͭ̐̔̔͞o̢̱͔͙̓ͦ̎̇͢ ̴̸̞̥̭̜̣̖͖͕ͩͮͯ͂͊͟Ẇ̨̜͖͛ȧ̢̟̰̖̙͚͇̮̞ͪͤ͊ͫͩ̊͑̽i̖̥ͧ̒ͭ̓͋ͥ͢t̪̖̻̏̋̑͐̎̋͋́̀ͅͅs̘̰͖̪̯̻͑̓́ͤͭ̃̎́̕͝ ̙̠͕̟̟̈́̉̓ͮ̒̂̀͘B̶̻͈̞̠͇̠̪̳̂̍̔͆̚e͚̭͖͈̜̝̞ͧ̀̀ͅh̺̱̮͈͑͂ͬ̀̐͒͋́̚ͅi̧̫̖͍͖̭̲̝͊̂ͭ̎ͪ̅̅̂́nͪ̅͆̃̇̽̓ͪ͏͓̘̩̺dͦͧ̿͂͟҉̜͉̬͎̬̣ ̨̱̘̠͍̳̐̿͐͊͐͆̐T̜͕͈̱̰̤̪ͩͫ̓ͤh̛̭͚̭̺̼̜̮ͩ̿ͣͭ̐͒̀̚e̶̍̂͘͏͚̳̺ ̡̦̰̤ͭͨ̒̎̍͢W̸̒́̋͆̾̓ͮ͛҉̧͉̲̱a̡͔̫̪͐ͩ̏̄̚͜l̰͙̞͍̹̮̑ͭ̏͟͡l̻͕̥ͦ̋́͋̽̓́̽͟.̒̇ͭ̇ͤͩ҉͡͏̙̙͎̪͇̣

Friday, April 30, 2010

Entry #820

Earlier this morning at about 3:15 AM I was walking through downtown when I suddenly found myself confronted by a police cruiser growling quietly next to me. "Excuse me...would you mind showing some identification?"

My immigrant ass may not be from these here parts but I know a thing or two 'bouts the Constitution and I could have easily made a fuss about asking for probable cause. But when the short pudgy officer in the driver's seat started getting out I decided to stop and face them. The way he asked made it sound like he felt sheepish for even stopping me, which made much of the difference in how cooperatively I felt like responding

" what kind of vehicle are you driving tonight?"
"No vehicle. I'm walking."
"Oh...well, the reason I asked is because a guy wanted for a felony around here jumped in a white van and took off from us."
"Wow. What a wuss."
"Uh...well, he was wearing dark clothing and you..." He trails off and indicates at my dark blue UCLA hoodie and black jogging pants.
Struggling to hide my beam of pride at the compliment of being mistaken for a wanted felon, I ask, "Oh, when did this happen?"
His partner behind him: "Like...three minutes ago."
The first cop: " you have a brother?"
"Yeah...cripes, you know him off the top of your head? Not good."
He laughs. "Man, your records say you're completely clean-cut...what's the disconnect with your bro?"
"I'm not a family man. Ask him."
"Alright. Well, sorry to bother you, man. Keep an eye out for anything suspicious, will ya?"
"Affirmative. Once we locate the criminal scum they will be destroyed." I hold a clenched fist up.
"Uh...haha, just call the police, please."

As I walk off I can't help but be infuriated at this needless middle-man bullshit. Goddamn bureaucracy...why can't I just kill on sight? Images of a frustrated Callahan from Dirty Harry swirl in my head and I decide right then and there that I can't afford to wait around for the higher-ups if I find myself in the heat of action. Hostages could be killed while our forces are sitting on our asses waiting for the most meager of permissions to get the OK on things. Fuck that.

On the way home I run across a skunk. I get in a battle stance and it just lazily waddles off. Even the animals in this town are pussies.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Entry #819

"Men are in general divided by a law of nature into two categories, inferior (ordinary), that is, so to say, material that serves only to reproduce its kind, and men who have the gift or the talent to utter a new word." -Crime and Punishment

This is such a badass book. It's like the Russian version of Catcher in the Rye but with less whining (to no avail) and more murdering.

In the last few weeks my weight has fluctuated up to 215 before coming back down to 210, now. I did pretty shitty today on overhead press, too (barely getting 205 for 1, my God), but my triceps were still sore doing strict skullcrushers on Sunday, believe it or not, so I'm not beating myself up too much over it.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Entry #818

I've gained 2 pounds despite heavy cardio training. Strength is rapidly coming back. Yesterday I benched 315 x 3.

Today was a good DE day. My core strength is also improving so overhead squats today were very stable at ATG. I stuck with using my running shoes instead of going barefoot because my ankle has been hurting recently on this movement only when going without outer-wear, and it did the trick as far as the pain was concerned. Proper ankle support is definitely superior to going bare, it looks like. I should go and finally get some Chuck Taylor's over the weekend.

Doing calf raises on this stupid machine inflicted this:

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Entry #817

Unbelievably, I'm down to 210 lbs. Shit's getting serious.

I've been regressing back to old perfectionist ways and it's a grave hindrance to productivity. I cannot sustain any kind of GPP when I'm missing training sessions because my OCD kicks into gear from taking too long to eat or something and I decide to hold off my workout for the next day (only to have the cycle repeat, of course, making "next day" turn into "next week"). Consequently, all I've been managing the last few weeks is one ME day a week, occasionally DE leg day if I'm exceptionally motivated. Unacceptable.

Conversely, yesterday and today were some of the best periods in recent memory. I did 6 sets/5 reps of benching going all the way up to 275, 280, and 285. Not exceptionally high numbers, but usually I crap out and only muster 3 reps or something on the last few sets whenever I try to do straight 5s. This should bode well for doing 315 x 3 next week.

Today I forgot that the gym closes at 9 so I only finished a few sets of overhead squats before I had to leave. I went on one of the farthest runs I've ever done, instead. Going by my pace and the duration of it, it must have been about five miles (shut-up, I've never been a distance runner).

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Entry #816

DE lower

Overhead squats:
135 lbs. x 2
10 sets
> Have video just to check the form. Satisfactory. May or may not upload later, it's nothing exciting.

Dead mornings (good mornings from pin):
135 lbs. x 8
3 sets

Calf raises



Entry #815

ME upper

Bench press:
135 lbs. x 5
185 lbs. x 5
225 lbs. x 5
275 lbs. x 5
285 lbs. x 5
290 lbs. x 3
> Still weak, but not bad. Normally I'd hit 290 x 5 with no problem, but fatigue was a factor, here. It was a smart idea to not jump all the way up to 295 after the 275, though. I wanted to get as many sets of 5 as I could.

10 lbs. x 10
10 lbs. x 10
10 lbs. x 9
> I'm slowly starting to add weight on. This really felt like no difference whatsoever, but in the interest of time I didn't go high in order to keep rest times short.

Bent-over lat raises:
40 lb. dumbbells x 10
40 lb. dumbbells x 10
40 lb. dumbbells x 8

35 lbs. x 6
35 lbs. x 8
30 lbs. x 7
30 lbs. x 7
x 8

Friday, February 26, 2010

Entry #814

Lovely, after an hour of sleep I'm wide awake and unable to find Morpheus again. Luckily for my early appointment, I've always seem to had Christhoper Hitchens syndrome - the more zonked I get, the better sense I make (the messiness of his hair and merciless forbearance in his voice gives it away in certain TV interviews where hilarity always ensues). In that spirit, more drink (though my poison happens to be non-alcoholic) and mad Rachmaninoff hearings while I put pen to paper about something critical.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Entry #813

One of my nieces accepted my beef jerky offering with suspicious skepticism only to end up being an enthusiastic convert to the congregation of smoked animal flesh devourers. I would be proud, but that's sissy ****.

I went on the longest straight run I've done in years tonight. I may be weak as sin in lifting now, but at least my cardiovascular conditioning is at the best it's ever been. It was for about an hour with a pretty decent pace, topped off with a sprint down the street by the end of it. To get back to my place I have to loiter my way to the side of this locked fence (or scale it) on times like this when I don't bring my keys. While doing this I noticed how cushiony the leaves felt on the side of the embankment I was on and I couldn't help letting myself lie there for a few minutes, looking up at the moon (which had a striking corona around it - an evil omen).

Edit: Just stayed up until 6:30 AM reading about the Kosovo War. Why the fuck do I get addicted to this stuff.

Entry #812

I have a big executive job interview due on Friday at...McDonald's. But no, it's not even to work there. I'm applying to be a school crossing guard and, well, I dunno, apparently budget cuts have really taken their toll on Crossing Guards H.Q.

ME upper

Overhead press:
135 x 5
155 x 5
175 x 5
185 x 5
195 x 2 (wtf)
200 x 1 (WTF)
> My core is weak and constantly having to readjust my stance as a result of it kills my drive. On one of the failure reps my back almost crumpled backwards like an accordion. F

x 8
x 8
x 10
x 10
> Arms were shaky, probably from deltoid fatigue.

Other stuff.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Entry #811

I'm down to 218. Shit.

I need to fight someone/something/Jesus. George never spars me anymore.

ME upper

Pin press:
135 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 3
315 x 3
325 x 3
335 x 2
340 x 2

Close-grip bench press:
210 x 10
210 x 8
210 x 4
135 x 12

I don't know, I'm too sleepy to remember the rest right now. Oh, I did weighted pull-ups with a dumbbell because these boobs took away the badass harnesses I usually tie around me and attach the huge clanky Soviet-era iron plates to. Leave my shit alone, you whores. It worked well, though. It was only 30 lbs. because I've been doing plain, unweighted pull-ups for awhile now and need to get back into torturing myself with really heavy pulling.

I love how I just waltz in during the middle of these stupid CrossFit classes and nobody has the gall to tell me to leave. I'm the only one in this place who uses the power rack and they have no right to keep me out of their little Marxist gathering if they want to house MY power rack in their area. I made a lot of noise to counter their terrible hip hop music.

Also, I wrote a quick rebuke today to someone about this supplement called White Flood:

"Oral arginine only has 70% bioavailability and about half of that can even be converted into orthinine. As a result studies usually do something silly and impractical like infusing this shit directly via an IV as opposed to ingestion, along with an exaggerated dosage (T-Nation cites 30 grams).

Onto GABA. This is an inhibitory transmitter of the central nervous system. How anachronistic is that (especially in contradiction of caffeine)?

If it did the opposite it would be touted as an explosive energy booster, but here the fact that the receptors adhere to sleep makes it incite a deadly zen-like focus that will simmer you down and help you concentrate on your lifting better. Wow, apparently you can't lose; either way, there's something good to be said for it. If only nutrition really worked that way.

Reminds me of how serotonin and melatonin in low carb diets are chastised for making you feel lethargic and also praised (during the carb-loading cycles) for helping you chill out. The convenience of such selective reasoning is funny.

Glucuronolactone is found in every energy drink, just like caffeine. Now we're gathering more examples of superfluous and commonplace ingredients being packaged and made into something more than they actually espouse."

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Entry #810

I was weird at 17. Funny how things haven't changed five years later because I had every intention to do a hardcore ME session today, but my weakling shoulder wasn't up to the job. I haven't the slightest idea where that came from.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Entry #809

Someone called me a "robot" today just when I thought I was losing my (cold, ironclad) touch. I was beginning to miss it. I love the smell of self-cast aspersions in the morning.

Let's see, last night I went running and it sucked, which ruled. I'm incrementally adding on more and more sprinting to various parts of the usual route - in particular and without coincidence, right where that one bar that always has karaoke hour going on is. I get the hell out of there real fast.

Today sucked, too. My core is pathetic. I only managed 235 x 1 on push press (failed the first rep, got the second) and on the eccentric my spine felt like an accordion when absorbing the impact of the bar landing down. There was no pain on that in and of itself but from what is likely the consequence of the entire session I can barely even bend my back right now. I'd go so far as to say I did better last week, too. My abdomen didn't feel strong or stable at all, which is my fault for blowing off lower body days. On the other hand, maybe I'm expecting too much. I've lost 30 lbs., after all, and my waist isn't nearly as thick as it used to be. I definitely can't jump into heavy GMs or anything tomorrow, though, if I'm even able to lift at all.

Edit: 6:54 AM, can't fucking sleep because of this weakling back.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Entry #808

"A worm looks up at the sky and sees God. A man looks down at his hands and sees ambition."

I am hooked on Bioshock, even though I dislike Ayn Rand.

Training is going consistently, although my diet isn't faring quite so well. I'm down to 220 lbs. yet I'm slowly gaining back strength, so are things really going so badly? Protein intake is regular, just very meager. Maybe I'm unknowingly cutting right this time.

43 days

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Entry #807

It's ridiculous how little I update just because I'm on an ascension to regain strength I already had.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Entry #806

Well, lifting stats seem to have steadied as my cardio continues to improve. I'm still not eating enough, and to make matters harder, I've decided to stay off the weightgainer for awhile. $45 a month is just getting stupid.

I was vainly taking some mirror pictures in the fitting room when I was buying clothes today and I don't really look as weak as I thought I may have. These are the first shirtless pictures I've published in years.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Entry #805

Shit, I'm down to 225 lbs. I'm much weaker, too. Tuesday I benched 295 for 2. Yikes. Welcome back to 3 years ago. Just a few weeks earlier I did 315 for 3 and that was considered a drop.

At least my cardio is through the fucking roof.