Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Entry 800

Went drinking tonight. I didn't get drunk; drinking gets me'd. George and I were simply out about town and he insisted on buying me a beer after I wasted my money on the Playstation Network download-renting a shitty, shitty movie (Big Man Japan). I said why not, so we walked over to Boulevard Tavern, some biker place. It sucked, hard. Beer is vile, vile shit. I didn't make a scene about it or anything - really, it didn't taste any different from what I expected it to. It was just A. distasteful, and B. fucking boring. Seriously, I thought bikers were supposed to be badass, not fat old men trying desperately to hit on the bartender. Anyways, last time I ever do that, that's for sure. I felt no change coming out of the bar than I did going in, by the way, but I didn't drink a great deal.

I was a bit stunned that George even asked me to begin with. Actually, there are a lot of changes about him that surprise the hell out of me, but I don't feel right talking about them behind his back here.