Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entry #763

My calves still feel like they have steak knives jammed into them. This would be awesome if I actually did, but the way they are, I have the worst of both worlds: debilitating pain without the actual knives (as far as being fashionable is concerned).

I went to the track tonight but wasn't able to run as efficiently as I would have liked. I mostly just kicked around a soccer ball on the field after static stretches. My legs loosened up a bit and I found a lot of value in this from a mobility standpoint. There were also a couple of tires layed out in the grass, which I'm thinking about taking home with me.
Entry #762

I've been training more than ever, but have been so tired at night that I haven't really felt like making any recordings. Thursday saw lots of track conditioning, specifically HIIT. On Friday I did DE for legs, starting with overhead squats (which are much improved - I went ATG on some reps). Saturday involved upper body training with a barbell anchored into a corner for one-handed push-presses, which was very conducive to punching form. Tonight, I went to the track and ran around in the grass to stretch my legs out. Speaking of which, I've been doing static stretches on every night that I haven't lifted.

Shocker: I used the leg press machine on Thursday, doing calf raises for the first time in years. I threw four plates on each side, felt nothing, added an additional one to make five, and went with three sets of 15. It wasn't difficult, but now I'm sore enough to limp when I walk.