Monday, February 16, 2009

Entry #732

I hate birthdays.

Anyways, my military press is picking up steam.

January 13: 4 reps, 200 lbs.
February 16: 5 reps, 210 lbs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger in Pumping Iron: "Come on Frahn-co. Lazy bahstard. Let's get sehrious naow."

Seriously, I have to wake up earlier and make more out of my days, rather than doing nothing but lifting. My conditioning is most likely below where it should be.

ME upper

Military press:
6x5      95, 135, 165, 185, 205, 210 lbs.
> The loading application was incredibly easy for my muscles to manhandle, but my coordination is still suspect, so I stumbled at times and actually failed the first try at the fifth rep of the last set before I succeeded on another attempt. Therefore, I technically did 5.5 reps. The fact that the successful attempt was easy when I regained my balance testified just how helpful doing push-presses (DE) have been.

Tate press:
1x10    75 lb. dumbbells
3x8      75 lb. dumbbells

Horizontal front raises:
2x8      40 lb. dumbbells

I ran out of time to the fault of the front desk lady, who told me they close 30 minutes later than they actually do. Will do lat stuff tomorrow.

I saw that I had my cellphone in my bag, so I took a picture of my forearm in between sets because I was bored.