Monday, October 26, 2009

Entry 792

Whoa, who jacked up my numbering? No idea how I got back into the 400s.

A week later, my wrist still hurts. It's not a constant discomfort, but I can feel slight aches and pains when I do things like pull on something or shake my hand around. I haven't the slightest idea what this is about. Originally, I was planning on cautiously going for ME tomorrow and terminating the build-up at the sign of any pain, but if I can already feel it now, why aggravate it? Instead I'll probably do RE, which strangely puts me on the same route that Jared is taking with his regimen.

I'll be more consistent with taking fish oil and if this doesn't clear up soon, I might spring for a joint supplement like glucosamine. Important thing is to train smart about it and not let this take my progress down.


  1. Have you tried doing light grip work or rehab exercises with bands? Might help

  2. Maybe your wrist hurts from fapping too vigorously.