Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Entry #770

Some of today's stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Phs6JtSNXvo

I finally hit 225 x 3 on OH press.

I'm taking BCAAs for the first time (they taste like shit) and am reloading on creatine.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Entry #769

Christ. I was walking down the street, fresh out of gym and lost in thought about whether Stalinism was actually a logical culmination of communism and not a distortion of true Trotsky teaching, ala Leszek Kolakowski's thesis in his book, when I finally couldn't stand to ignore the god-awful scene across the street: Hotel Los Gatos (one of those richy-rich suites) blasting Living on a Prayer while people danced outside and on the balcony. Capitalist dogs. Needless to say, I picked up my pace and got the hell out of there. Actually, I ducked into this one street by the school that's notorious for druggies hanging out and smoking in the hopes that I could harass some punks, but nobody was there.

RE upper

Dumbbell press:
90 lb. dumbbells x 15
90 lb. dumbbells x 12
90 lb. dumbbells x 9
75 lb. dumbbells x 9
55 lb. dumbbells x 12
> I should definitely start heavy and lower off from now on. Doing it oppositely tires me out on the light stuff.

Overhead cable pressdowns:
4 x 10

Cable crossovers:
3 x 8

Bent-over barbell rows (underhand):
215 lbs. x 8
4 sets

Dumbbell preacher curls:
55 lb. dumbbell x 8
3 sets

Hise shugs:
315 lbs. x 15
3 sets

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Entry #768

I have no food. I need to go shopping tomorrow.

At least I saved on some money by paying $60 for fish oil, dextrose, and BCAAs online. At Whole Foods, I'd have paid $50 for the same bottle of oil.

Entry #767

I went swimming on Sunday, which was intense enough to be classified as actual exercise, and then took it easy yesterday with stretching and some practice kicks in the grass of the track area. I was feeling a bit worn and needed the recovery.

Overhead press today: 215 x 3. It would seem I'm stuck.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Entry #766

I went to the gym early today for a long DE session. The closed section's fence (an indoor chain-link fence for no reason - how stupid) was open so I got to mess around with the kettleballs, two of which I swiped and hid in the regular room for when I do crazy bells later. The wall was painted with "CROSSFIT LOS GATOS". I should print out the anti-CrossFit article I have and tape it on the wall. Marked on whiteboards were the top records of whatever this all was, and I was equal to or stronger than most of them. One insane guy had a 600 lb. deadlift and another sported 40 pull-ups, but I posit myself equal to the 360 lb. bench (second place was only 305) and definitely above the 455 lb. squat.

DE upper

> These are the barbell variation of "dumbbell shotput" in this link: http://www.rossboxing.com/thegym/thegym25.htm
Since I'm not actually throwing the barbell like I would with a dumbbell, though, as an actual shotput, so I'm renaming it shotGUN for no logical reason. Fuck logic.

I did a ton of other, less important stuff. It was productive, though. After my shake, I swam around in the pool.

My left hand hurts on the left-most knuckle under the pinky. It's from clenching so hard on plate pinches a few days ago.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Entry #765

Yesterday was a productive DE with front squats. The last time I stretched, I strained too far going past my toes and suffered some mild back pain as a result of contraindication, so I did glute ham raises instead of RDLs despite feeling up to par for the most part. I was much stronger on them than before - I have to chalk this up to all the sprinting. Also, I did calf raises with eight plates on each side but received no soreness whatsoever from it compared to five from last time.

Tonight, I headed over to the track and did the usual 30 minutes of stretching and form practice before playing soccer in the grass. Everyone wasting away on a monotonous treadmill needs to jump off and just run around outside like a kid again. This was basically an equivalent of HIIT but on a more hospitable surface to my joints. I see it as a staple from now on.

Coming across a tire in the grass made me think about ordering a sledgehammer to use on it. I'll check Home Depot first.

All back pain is completely eradicated.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Entry #764

Take that, insomnia. Yesterday was miserable. I couldn't find sleep the night before and was up until 1:30 PM before finally crashing - only to wake up a couple of hours later at 4:30 because of the heat. I felt worn and tired all day, and the joints in my right arm were sore, for some reason. I felt like a festering pile of weakling.

Today, I caught decent sleep, woke up with the pain completely healed, and managed to put up 350 x 3 on pin press. Easily

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Entry #763

My calves still feel like they have steak knives jammed into them. This would be awesome if I actually did, but the way they are, I have the worst of both worlds: debilitating pain without the actual knives (as far as being fashionable is concerned).

I went to the track tonight but wasn't able to run as efficiently as I would have liked. I mostly just kicked around a soccer ball on the field after static stretches. My legs loosened up a bit and I found a lot of value in this from a mobility standpoint. There were also a couple of tires layed out in the grass, which I'm thinking about taking home with me.
Entry #762

I've been training more than ever, but have been so tired at night that I haven't really felt like making any recordings. Thursday saw lots of track conditioning, specifically HIIT. On Friday I did DE for legs, starting with overhead squats (which are much improved - I went ATG on some reps). Saturday involved upper body training with a barbell anchored into a corner for one-handed push-presses, which was very conducive to punching form. Tonight, I went to the track and ran around in the grass to stretch my legs out. Speaking of which, I've been doing static stretches on every night that I haven't lifted.

Shocker: I used the leg press machine on Thursday, doing calf raises for the first time in years. I threw four plates on each side, felt nothing, added an additional one to make five, and went with three sets of 15. It wasn't difficult, but now I'm sore enough to limp when I walk.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Entry #761

ME upper

Overhead pin press:
135 x 5
165 x 5
185 x 5
205 x 4.5
215 x 2.5
> Abysmal, but that's okay. They're new, and much harder than I anticipated - harder than the standard overhead press, to me. There isn't the drive off the shoulders I can get when starting deep.
> Sticking point is high up.

Afterward, I did a set of Bradford press with 135, since I'd fallen short on sets and couldn't get up to 225 on pin press. I like them a lot. There's constant tension. I made sure not to lower too low, but I may have overdone it and gone too shallow behind the head. Set right on the ears.

Close-grip bench press:
205 x 8
205 x 8
205 x 8
> Right shoulder hurt, initially. Need a better warm-up, next time.

Weighted pull-ups:
45 x 6
45 x 6
45 x 5

Cable curls

I'm learning to balance exercises more proficiently. From now on, pulling will be on the same plane as pushing in a given session. Pull-ups today completely healed my shoulder.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Entry #760

I went to the track and did HIIT earlier tonight. Since I ran a bit yesterday, my shins wore out like economic girly men. I managed to complete a mile before I needed to rest my feet, but I wasn't out of breath, which is a good sign. On the first two laps the high intervals were more runs than sprints, but I went all out on the last two. I'm as fast as ever, except with an improved stride from all the stretching I'm doing (which I did for thirty minutes beforehand).

Now, my shin hurts like hell because afterward I practiced kicking a tree. I also punched it, but it didn't hit me back or anything. Pussy.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Entry #759

Bench press:
135 x 3
185 x 3
225 x 3
275 x 3
295 x 3
315 x 3
325 x 3
> There's a good PR. I expected to lose gains from all the cardio I've been doing, combined with a severe lack of sleep last week. Not so.
I did a terrific warm-up by wrapping a resistance band around the width of a random cable station, positioning my back against it, holding onto the ends of the bands, and punching against them. It's very helpful on the shoulder joints.

Arnold press:
85 lb. dumbbells 8,8,7

Gym closed, so I did chin-ups and ab work at the track.