Thursday, January 8, 2009

Entry #724

"Crazy bells":
1x1      135 lbs.
1x3      135 lbs.
1x9      135 lbs.
1x10    135 lbs.
1x8      135 lbs.
> These were insane. My arms were wobbling Jello.

Cable extensions:
3x10    Entire stack

Weighted chin-ups:
1x6      55 lbs.
2x5      55 lbs.       


  1. Are you doing this in place of your DE/RE upper day?  Let me know how this works out.  It's gonna murder your stablizers, haha.

  2. Yeah. At first I was going to it as a speed lift, but I couldn't go fast on it, so I tried to do it as repetition effort, but I couldn't get past 10, so I just did what I could.