Monday, October 6, 2008

Entry #695

I do board presses with a 25 lb. plate stacked on top of two thin phonebooks. Needless to say, I had this coming. Today, I was doing a set when the plate slide forward and smashed into my head. It stunned me for a second, and all 295 lbs. of the barbell fell onto my chest, which actually didn't hurt at all and makes me less tolerant now of people who are afraid to lift heavy because they have no spotter. I reracked the bar and looked in the mirror. My face was covered in blood, so I had to run to the bathroom and wash it off, ignoring concerned people asking if I was okay. There was a open gash along my brow. The girl at the front desk gave me bandages. The exchange was pretty funny.

"Oh my God. You're probably going to need stitches for that."
"Stitches are for weaklings."
"Do you need tissues?"
"No, I have paper towels."
"I mean, tissues are softer."
"Hell no. I don't want to baby this thing. It needs to learn a lesson."
"Oh, so you're a manly guy, huh?"
"Right. If I die, I'm going to sue you."

So I went back, and could barely put up 315 for 3, which would normally be nothing to me. I just can't keep tight while trying to balance this crap on me. There's no way to get a full arch. I left it at that, and walked home.

It's looking a lot better after cleaning it up. Hopefully, I get a scar.