Thursday, September 4, 2008

Entry #677

Tonight ruled. I was running laps to the school and back when this huge dog (I think it was a Rottweiler, but it was pretty dark out) suddenly flipped out and began to charge at me, barking up a storm. Just as I was turning around to kill it, somebody screamed, "BORIS! NO! BAD BORIS!" and the dog sheepishly retreated. I realize that the owner was undoubtedly scared to death at what would have happened to Boris if he had attacked me, and that's understandable. But something that big and powerful shouldn't just stop dead in its tracks like that. What a wuss.

Anyways, that session was four laps and back, which is what I was doing at 190. The difference was that this amount completely pushed me to the edge back then, and now, 40 lbs. heavier, it felt like nothing. I wasn't tired in the least, even when I did HIIT on the last lap. The only factor that prevented me from doing more were my shins, and even those are improving. Still, since I couldn't push myself as much as I wanted to because of that, I went swimming afterwards to lose my breath a little.

Before that, midday, I did a circuit of shadowboxing, bag work, and form practice. Some analysis, based on film:

> My guard is wide, but in a different way. My elbows are straight, but now my hands are too far apart. Still, it's better to deal with it as this than as a reason of forgetting to employ it.

> Kicks are much better. This is important because I intend to best George at that stupid TKD drill next time, just as a personal challenge. Now, when striking to either side, bring the back foot ahead of the front and step hard in order to close the distance. This is key, and is why I couldn't catch him last time.

> Unrelated to today, but I've discovered a necessity to lean forward over the barbell more when doing deadlifts. This made a difference in RDLs yesterday. The shoulder blades should be aligned with the bar.