Monday, January 21, 2008

Entry #563

Bag work. My glove kept slipping off the material because it was raining. Went a lot slower to focus on form. I did a seven minute round, and past a certain point of fatigue was what I wanted to work through, when my shoulders get tired. I found that I can actually go quite long if I pace myself. The key is more about upping the standards of what a comfortable pace means, not starting out with all I've got and then trying to increase the duration of that.

Later, went and did hill sprints in the pouring rain. I went up and down three times, and it was exhausting. It's a long, steep, winding hill. I ripped open my forearm once from trying to skate down it, long ago (we usually sat down on our boards to go down). It rules. I can get a good cardio workout in just five minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't get hit by lightning, which is disappointing.

Triceps are still sore from Thursday. Wimps.