Sunday, January 13, 2008

Entry #557

Stan was a little late, and at first I thought he had flaked out on me like most others, but he showed up at about 12:20 very enthusiastically. Really cool kid who's always willing to learn. His dad watched for a bit. He told me he boxed at his high school when he was young. Boxing, in high school? Wow, school must have ruled back then.

We both ultimately decided that, as fun as it was on Friday, doing full-contact every session isn't conducive to the learning process, of which both of us have a long way to go. We warmed up on the pads and then did some light spars.

This was his first time on these. His hands are nowhere near where they should be, but he more than knows that with all the times I told him. Now, it's just a matter of practice. I also did some feeble swats in his face at him just so he doesn't get too comfortable.

Don't get me wrong. My own hands dropped pretty abysmally. I pretty much eradicated this tendency on the bag, strangely enough.

Some light sparring: