Monday, September 29, 2008

Entry #692

Today didn't go well. I failed to overhead press 215 lbs. for 3. I only managed 1 rep on my first try, and then 2 on my second. I also ran out of time for the rest of my session.

I think I should try out push presses for a ME lift one of these days.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Entry #691

Tonight, I did HIIT up and down the hill by my house until my legs felt like they were about explode, and then I went to the track, which was bad ass in its own right. There were bats flying overhead. I skipped rope and then did a stretching session for about half an hour. Also, I practiced kip-ups on the grass, which made me wet.

George will be back for Thanksgiving. I intend to "give" him "thanks" by kicking him in the head. I never even eat with any family or anything anyways, so that should be a great day for training. The streets will be empty.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Entry #690

ME lower

Reverse-band deadlifts:
7 x 3      135, 225, 315, 365, 405, 455, 515 lbs.
> Not hard, but I wasn't sure where I would stand. I expected these to be a lot harder than rack pulls, but that just wasn't the case.

Dumbbell lunges:
2 x 8     115 lb. dumbbells
1 x 5     115
lb. dumbbells

2 x 8     45 lbs. (overhead)

At home, I did ab work and grip training.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Entry #689

Bag work (9/24): three three minute rounds. This session was filmed. There were tons of problems. First, my right is dropping after it connects and before I snap it back (at least my guard stays up). Joe Louis had this problem, and Max Schmeling picked it up by studying his tapes before he knocked Louis completely out. Now, that was Joe Louis, so just think how big of a problem this would be for mere mortals.

Also, I'm trying too hard to be fast, so I'm not leaning into anything as much as I should. Don't try to be flashy.

Hooks are always low. I've just noticed this. They never land at head-level.

On the plus side, my stamina is incredible, so at least I'd be able to go the distance; I'll just look ugly doing it.

After that - and this is still yesterday - I did HIIT on the hill again before tapering off on a steady run.

Today was DE day using the bands on speed bench. They worked great. I can't wait to build up to a 400 lb. bench press with these.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Entry #688

I used the bands for the first time today with speed box squats. They ruled. Their rigidity was perfect, so I'm glad I got the 5's. The session went by slowly because I kept messing with the set-up, but I finally figured out to anchor them down with the safety bars set on the lowest holes.

Afterwards, I did good mornings for 215 x 8 (3 sets) and some ab work before finishing off with the Crush grippers.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Entry #687

ME upper

Military press:
6 x 3     95, 135, 165, 185, 200, 210 lbs.

Tate press:
4 x 8     60 lb. dumbbells

Lateral raises:
3 x 8     50 lb. dumbbells

Bent-over barbell rows:
4 x 8     205 lbs.

Hammer curl:
1 x 8     60 lb. dumbbells

I went hard on those lateral raises. I can't raise my left arm above my head.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Entry #686

Bag work: five three-minute rounds. My stamina impressed me. I was contemplating on whether or not to film it, and decided not to. I regret not doing so.

My range is at a good distance. It doesn't feel like I'm "stuffing" my punches, but film is really the best way to gauge this. Speed and power were more consistent than they've ever been. I'd venture to say that this was the best session I've ever done.

Something I'm doing is employing more lateral movement while throwing hard jabs. When it's time to change directions, I'll then compensate with a fast right. It seemed to work on George.

Gym-wise, I've been adding heavy dumbbell flyes after speed work on RE and DE days, and I'm now under the conclusion that they're invaluable for flexibility and mobility in the shoulder region, along with pullovers. Usually, I have to start off easy with hooks in order to warm-up, but not today.

Later at night, I walked to the track and jumped-rope.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Entry #685

ME lower

Rack pulls:
7 x 3     135, 225, 315, 365, 405, 455, 505 lbs.
> This came so easy that I accidentally kept driving up and hyperextended my back on the third rep of the 505. I nearly fell backwards. There wasn't any pain or anything, but still, lesson learned.

Dumbbell lunges:
2 x 8     115 lb. dumbbells

I ran out of time again, so I did the Crush gripper once I got home. Next week, reverse band deadlifts.

Also, I practiced kicking forms in the afternoon. George and I didn't even spar, which I was looking forward to.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Entry #684

My bands arrived yesterday. They feel incredibly tight. I was initially concerned that they were too strong because I could barely stretch them out with my hands, but they worked great when I tried them out today on the bench. I was actually doing RE incline today, but afterwards, I tried them out on the flat bench with just the bar for the sake of trying out the set-up. This old guy I always see at the gym, Roger (he was the cameraman for my bench press video) was asking me about how they work.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Entry #683

I benched 315 x 3 today on extremely short time. Rest periods were brief. Consequently, I had to super-set the rest of the session. I actually ran out of time and had to go over to the high school track, where I did front raises with a garbage can.

Yesterday, I did a ton of conditioning, including hill sprints.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Entry #682

I destroyed the bag today. The entire contraption nearly fell over end. I've been running through everything that happened last spar and coming with solutions to them. Lateral movement; no backpedaling. Cross back foot over to step forward (I know, I know, but this is for that lame TKD drill). Lean into kicks. Don't play defensive; attack.

Later on, I did DE work. I tried dead squats for the first time. I started out with 135 and it was awkward as Hell. I managed to squeeze under the bar, but not to a stable enough position that I could actually stand up with it. By set 3 I got the hang of it, and was able to do fast reps of 225. I like these, but they're not easy on the knees. Good thing mine are in prime condition.

Also, I have to say that I'm usually an extremely studious buyer, but I made a pretty bad choice buying those bands. EliteFTS has some for only $35. I've been spending a great deal of time on that site, lately. There are a ton of good articles to read.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Entry #681

I ran out of time again tonight, but I at least got the important stuff done. All I missed out on were curls and ab stuff.

Bench press:
6 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 295, 310 lbs.
> This came without any struggle. 315 for 3 will be a cool milestone next week.

Cable pressdown:
4 x 8     120 lbs.
> This was with the machine normally used for lat pulldowns. The other cable contraption is way too easy, even with the entire 150 lb. stack.

EZ bar front raises:
3 x 8     95 lbs.
> I thought of this on the fly. I quite liked it. Bilateral movements are always tougher.

Bilateral lying dumbbell rows:
3 x 10   90 lb. dumbbells
> I wanted to do unilaterals so I could wreck the 120 lb. dumbbells, but I was running out of time.

George and I are sparring on Saturday. We were talking about going out to a beach or something. I'm pretty suspect of his recent admiration for Evola, a philosopher who posited the degradation of societal ideals that advancing Westernization inflicted. Not that that's an original thesis or anything, but he layed it out nicely. However, this same author wrote an entire step-by-step instructional book about magic spells for budding alchemists. And not even cool magic spells, like making volcanos sprout through your living room.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Entry #680

I ordered a set of powerlifting bands. These should break the monotony on DE. I was concerned that the #5's would be too strong, but my primary inclination in the first place was towards deadlifts, not bench press. Besides, I can always just use less weight.

All I did today was go on a run to the bank and back. Nothing hard.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Entry #679

I went on a hike today. My intent was to take the same trail as last week, but I made a wrong turn and ended up on this really easy, wimpy path that was completely flat. I know exactly where I erred, so I'll go again next weekend.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Entry #678

6 x 3     135, 225, 275, 315, 365, 385 lbs.
> My stance on 365 was way too narrow. 385 went more smoothly.

3 x 8     100 lb. dumbbells

I ran out of time, at this point, so I did crunches and the Crush gripper at home.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Entry #677

Tonight ruled. I was running laps to the school and back when this huge dog (I think it was a Rottweiler, but it was pretty dark out) suddenly flipped out and began to charge at me, barking up a storm. Just as I was turning around to kill it, somebody screamed, "BORIS! NO! BAD BORIS!" and the dog sheepishly retreated. I realize that the owner was undoubtedly scared to death at what would have happened to Boris if he had attacked me, and that's understandable. But something that big and powerful shouldn't just stop dead in its tracks like that. What a wuss.

Anyways, that session was four laps and back, which is what I was doing at 190. The difference was that this amount completely pushed me to the edge back then, and now, 40 lbs. heavier, it felt like nothing. I wasn't tired in the least, even when I did HIIT on the last lap. The only factor that prevented me from doing more were my shins, and even those are improving. Still, since I couldn't push myself as much as I wanted to because of that, I went swimming afterwards to lose my breath a little.

Before that, midday, I did a circuit of shadowboxing, bag work, and form practice. Some analysis, based on film:

> My guard is wide, but in a different way. My elbows are straight, but now my hands are too far apart. Still, it's better to deal with it as this than as a reason of forgetting to employ it.

> Kicks are much better. This is important because I intend to best George at that stupid TKD drill next time, just as a personal challenge. Now, when striking to either side, bring the back foot ahead of the front and step hard in order to close the distance. This is key, and is why I couldn't catch him last time.

> Unrelated to today, but I've discovered a necessity to lean forward over the barbell more when doing deadlifts. This made a difference in RDLs yesterday. The shoulder blades should be aligned with the bar.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Entry #676

Note: I've been off creatine since Friday.

ME upper

Board press:
7 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 295, 315, 325 lbs.
> This was incredible. The weight felt like air. It was a massive difference from just last week, which was a strong session in and of itself.

4 x 8     60 lb. dumbbells

Lateral raises:
3 x 8     50 lb. dumbbells

Underhand cable rows:
4 x 10    Entire stack

Hammer curls:
3 x 10    65 lb. dumbbells

Ab circuit