Thursday, May 1, 2008

Entry #616

I was doing deadlifts when a personal trainer came up to me and said, "If you're gonna do those, I can't let you go without shoes."
Me: "Okay."
"If you go to any gym, they'll make you wear shoes."
"Yeah. Some gyms don't even let you do deadlifts. Gyms sure are stupid, huh?"

DE lower

Box squats:
10 x 2   225 lbs.

Overhand Romanian deadlifts:
4 x 8    275 lbs.
> Someone was using the good bar, so I had to settle for one with no knurling. Grip held through.

Full-contact twists:
3 x 8    80 lbs.

Dumbbell shrugs:
3 x 12   115 lb. dumbbells

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  1. Should've said, "Here's my shoe!" and then proceed to hit him in the face.