Monday, March 3, 2008

Entry #577

Took a week off for a rest period. By "rest period", I mean shadowboxing, track training, and bag work.

ME lower

5 x 3     125, 225, 275, 315, 335 lbs.
4 x 1     365 lbs.
> First set of 365 was a bit of a struggle. Last 3 were easy. Mind over matter. Completely ATG.

Good mornings:
3 x 8     195 lbs.

Chop crunches:
4 x 8

I got kicked out of my philosophy class today. Considered it an accomplishment. Oh, and George came over yesterday because he was in town, but we didn't fight. He has an injured thumb. We didn't even see Rambo because no theater is playing it here. I think I'm going to move to a volcano.


  1. How'd you get kicked out of philosophy?  That must be a story.

  2. Good to her that the squats are still being crush.
    I would also like to hear how you got kicked out of philisophy.

  3. Well, I'll try to condense it, but it's so trivial that it takes detail to even make something out of it. He was explaining how most people make a statement, "A", and the philosopher's role is to come along and ask, "Why?" so that the person will have to augment their statement to form "B", which is more thought out, and therefore, better. The teacher asked, "Who wants to disagree with that? A lot of kids are scared that I'll shoot them down, but now's your chance to ask questions." I didn't disagree, but he seemed to be inviting discussion, so I pointed out, "Well, I would say that A is better in terms of establishing the premise. B is more thought out, but the simpler statement is necessary so that B can even be possible. So neither is really better as steps to complete the thought, just like a conclusion isn't better than a hypothesis. Even though a hypothesis' goal is to get closer to the conclusion, they're all needed." We went back and forth like that. He kept saying I was babbling and speaking nonsense because the CONCLUSION that stems from the more fleshed-out statement is better and that I wasn't getting it, although I agreed with that, but I figured it was in good taste and that's just how he always talks. I joked, "I'll get you in the parking lot" to lighten the mood, and everyone laughed until he said, "If I wasn't in a good mood, you'd be out of here." I was surprised, so I asked, "What?" Then he said, "Alright, get out."We had just been talking about how Socrates got persecuted for questioning authority, so as I walked out I yelled back, "You need people like me!" I'll probably be paying for that one.

  4. While I can see why he kicked you out, if he's going to do something drastic on the basis of a single joking comment, he definitely needs to lighten up. A lot.

  5. Nicely done, good on you for challenging him when he had the position of power.

  6. I wasn't even trying to do that. There has to be a respected authority in a classroom. I seriously just thought he wanted discussion.