Thursday, February 21, 2008

Entry #575

DE lower

Box squats:
10 x 2     225 lbs.
> One set with low platform + plate, the rest with just the platform. Probably the best session I've done with this. Curled my toes into knarled claws digging into the floor, and it made a difference in keeping my legs straight. Will make a conscious effort to do this from now on. Knees felt prime.

Romanian deadlifts:
4 x 8     275 lbs.
> Grip was difficult to contend with, even with the mixed hold. The bar had no knurling. I began the first set with a snatch grip, and at about rep 5, as the bar began to slide out from my sweat, I thought Okay, this won't work, and switched grips mid set. Perspiration was probably a factor, as well.

Full-contact twists:
3 x 8     70 lbs.

Neck crunches:
3 x 20   45 lbs.
> The harness wouldn't stay on my head, so I had to keep it on the scruff of my neck, which took away much of the challenge. Hence, high reps.

Did some light form work on the standing bag, and stretched for thirty minutes later at night.


  1. I remember on GaymFAGs you got fucking PISSED OFF when people would talk about stretching at night. Nah, just kidding. So is it good to stretch at night? (assuming you're bored and you've already eaten)

  2. You try leaning over like a bent over row with the harness on your head?  that works for me.

  3. Yeah, that's what I do. The harness doesn't stay put. I probably have a misshapen head.Stretching is great. I just argue with people who advocate doing it right before lifting.