Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Entry #550

Bag work. I'm night and day away from my performance in the video up there. Head movement is a staple. Throw a jab, bob and weave. Hook, bob and weave. Yawn, bob and weave. Also not flat-footed. Staying up on my toes and exhibiting prevalent lateral movement. Rather than stuffing blows at one distance, I'm moving in, hitting, and moving back out.

Rear hand doesn't drop, period.

Jabs were excellent today. Leaning much more of my body into them. The trade-off is my left (yes, I'm not southpaw anymore) tiring faster. Will condition this. It would make for a great weapon.

Drilling this:

Basically just two 1-2's connected by a jab, and a hook at the end.

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  1. *Steals combo*,
    I'm not very creative when it comes to hitting the bag.