Friday, January 18, 2008

Entry #550

Bag work today. Triceps are extremely sore from skullcrushers.

My face can be seen grimacing in pain from my arms. In a way, there was a silver lining to that. It forces me to throw more weight into blows, since I can't move my arms as usual, which is a good habit.

Went for a walk later at night, and did some shadowboxing on the track.


  1. Skull-crushers and tricep extensions have always made my triceps abnormally sore. The first time I did them, they were sore for the next week, even with active recovery and stretching. The reason I asked about the weight of your bag on the previous bag work video is because I'm trying to figure out how heavy the ones at LA Fitness are. I'd guess between 125-150 pounds, as they look about 25-50% bigger than your's.

  2. Mine just looks smaller because I'm 7 feet tall.