Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Entry #568

Weighed in at 210. Have not been taking weightgainer this past week.

Had less than five hours of sleep last night.

ME lower-body

6 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 365 lbs.
1 x 1     415 lbs.
1 x 0     415 lbs.
1 x 1     415 lbs.
I let my mind wander on that failed set, and could barely budge the bar off the ground. I came back about a minute later and made it.

Overhead hyper-extensions:
4 x 8     45 lbs.

Weighted cable crunches:
4 x 12   Entire stack

One-armed dumbbell rows:
4 x 8     115 lb. dumbbells
> Strangely light.

I'm probably going to remove my recent YouTube videos. My partner told me that he wasn't comfortable with them being up in public. I mostly put them up because I'm low on hard drive space, but oh well. I'd have to erase a game or two so I can store more. First, I'll see if setting them to private would be enough, but I don't want to press the issue with him.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Entry #567

Woke up early to do hill sprints before school. My legs were jello after three laps. These rule hard. They used to be a staple of Rocky Marciano's training.

Here are some clips from Saturday's session, but they aren't that great. The first is just goofing off, and in the second, my elbows are weird. Next time, I'm definitely going to slow it down and focus on form.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Entry #566

Between Friday's rushed session, a lack of sleep, and sparring the ensuing day, I was completely burned out this weekend.

I went to do a DE session today, and my right shoulder started aching after the first set of speed bench, so I stopped there. It healed up after about two minutes, as I was walking out the door. What an ass.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Entry #565

Couldn't lift yesterday. I had to walk to the post-office in the rain with a big package under my arm and my gym bag slung over my back, with the intent of lifting after dropping it off. Turns out I didn't bring enough money for the shipping (the fool at the counter told me that it would cost $8 last time, and to be safe, I brought $20; it was actually $22), so I had to walk back to return it home, and by that time, it was late. So yesterday's session was done today, and I'll forego a break in between (my routine has two days of ME, rest, then two days of DE) to lift tomorrow and Sunday, as I normally would.

Schedules are for wimps, anyways.

ME upper-body:

Bench press:
5 x 3     135, 185, 225, 255, 270 lbs.
3 x 1     290, 290, 295 lbs.
> Way easy. Went up much faster than 285 last week.

Skull crushers:
4 x 8     55 lb. dumbbells

Cable extensions:
2 x 8     150 lbs.
1 x 6     110 lbs. < Using the much harder lat pulldown station because some woman took my spot.
> That machine wasn't giving me a challenge with the entire stack, anyways, so it was a good thing I had to move.

Front raises:
3 x 16   40 lb. dumbbells

Lying dumbbell rows:
4 x 8     70 lb. dumbbells
> Much harder than the one-armed variation. No 115 lb. dumbbells here.

Preacher curls:
1 x 8     95 lbs.
1 x 5     95 lbs.
> Cut the rest periods short here because I was running low on time.

I'm due to meet up with Stan tomorrow at 11 for some sparring. I intend to be much more aggressive.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Entry #564

Calves were sore yesterday and today from the uphill sprints. Didn't expect that.

ME upper-body

6 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 365 lbs.
4 x 1     400 lbs.
> Astonishingly easy. I shot up with the weight on all four sets. No stalls or struggles in the slightest. Seriously contemplated slapping on 500 lbs. at one point.
> My palms were sweaty on the triples of 365, and the load almost slipped out. Took off my sweatshirt for the rest of the sets and dried my hands before each. Grip was ironclad from then on. I won't need chalk for a long time.

Overhead hyper-extensions:
4 x 8     45 lbs.
> Insane stretch in the hamstrings, even moreso than good mornings.

Chop crunches:
4 x 12
> Unzipped my hoodie so there'd be no padding from the blows.

Cable rows:
4 x 8     150 lbs.

Stretched for thirty minutes at night.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Entry #563

Bag work. My glove kept slipping off the material because it was raining. Went a lot slower to focus on form. I did a seven minute round, and past a certain point of fatigue was what I wanted to work through, when my shoulders get tired. I found that I can actually go quite long if I pace myself. The key is more about upping the standards of what a comfortable pace means, not starting out with all I've got and then trying to increase the duration of that.

Later, went and did hill sprints in the pouring rain. I went up and down three times, and it was exhausting. It's a long, steep, winding hill. I ripped open my forearm once from trying to skate down it, long ago (we usually sat down on our boards to go down). It rules. I can get a good cardio workout in just five minutes. Unfortunately, I didn't get hit by lightning, which is disappointing.

Triceps are still sore from Thursday. Wimps.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Entry #562

DE upper-body

Speed bench:
10 x 3   185 lbs.
> About a four second pause on the bottom.

Tate press:
4 x 8     45 lb. dumbbells

Cable pressdown:
3 x 8     No idea.

Weighted pull-ups:
2 x 8     35 lbs.
2 x 6     35 lbs.

Hammer curls:
2 x 10   50 lb. dumbbells
1 x 8     50 lb. dumbbells

I wanted to take a new back bi picture because I was leaning back in the old one, which distorted my shape.

Geez, good thing my hair is always covered up with a hoodie.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Entry #561

Weighed 205 lbs. today.

DE lower-body

Box squats:
10 x 2     225 lbs.
> Still on the low platform with one plate. Looks to be about 8 inches high. Rather than decrease the height from that, I adopted a wider stance, which makes a big difference in difficulty. First few sets were somewhat slow, but it picked up after about #3. Rocked back and sat for about 4 seconds before driving up.

Good mornings:
4 x 8     175 lbs.
> Felt lighter than I expected it to.

Full-contact twists:
4 x 8     70 lbs.
> Kept arms straighter.

Assisted neck bridges:
3 x 5
> First time trying these. Couldn't quite do it without holding onto the squat rack. I was able to support my weight without help if I held my neck in that position, so it's just a form issue, in specific regards to rolling with my feet and onto my neck.

Crush gripper #1:
3 x 5
> Still not very proficient on this. I may revert one day out of the two to timed holds with the Trainer.

Stretched for thirty minutes at night.

I've been eating these great frozen burritos from Costco. Each is tiny, but is packed with 500 calories and 25 g of protein. Eat four at a time, and that's an easy 2,000 calories, with plenty of room left to spare. I'm all out now, unfortunately.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Entry #550

Bag work today. Triceps are extremely sore from skullcrushers.

My face can be seen grimacing in pain from my arms. In a way, there was a silver lining to that. It forces me to throw more weight into blows, since I can't move my arms as usual, which is a good habit.

Went for a walk later at night, and did some shadowboxing on the track.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Entry #559

ME upper-body

Bench press:
5 x 3     135, 185, 225, 255, 265 lbs.
2 x 1     285 lbs.
> Improvement. Exceptional arch and drive.

4 x 8     50 lb. dumbbells

Cable pushdowns:
4 x 8     150 lbs.

Front raises:
3 x 16   40 lb. dumbbells

Cable rows:
4 x 8     150 lbs.

Preacher curls:
1 x 8     95 lbs.
1 x 6     95 lbs.
1 x 4     95 lbs.

Oh, and I'm going to post this to get a laugh years from now, when I'm browsing through old entries. For Muhammad Ali's birthday, had a special chatroom where you could chat with Howard Bingham, Ali's longtime photographer and close friend, and ask him questions about Ali, who was apparently right next to him. It was kind of lame. My question, "How does Ali feel about the current state of boxing?", which I thought was interesting, didn't get put up, while stuff like, "What does it take to make a great friend, Howard?" did. Uh, okay. I got bored, so I logged back in with the name "BigGeorge", and I submitted a question as George Foreman. And it got them.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Entry #558

6 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 315, 345 lbs.
4 x 1     375, 385, 385, 385 lbs.
> Felt like nothing. Big improvement. I was doing 395 in March '06, but I'll surpass that next week.

Overhead hyper-extensions:
4 x 8     25 lbs.

Chop crunches:
4 x 12

One-armed dumbbell rows:
4 x 8     115 lb. dumbbells

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Entry #557

Stan was a little late, and at first I thought he had flaked out on me like most others, but he showed up at about 12:20 very enthusiastically. Really cool kid who's always willing to learn. His dad watched for a bit. He told me he boxed at his high school when he was young. Boxing, in high school? Wow, school must have ruled back then.

We both ultimately decided that, as fun as it was on Friday, doing full-contact every session isn't conducive to the learning process, of which both of us have a long way to go. We warmed up on the pads and then did some light spars.

This was his first time on these. His hands are nowhere near where they should be, but he more than knows that with all the times I told him. Now, it's just a matter of practice. I also did some feeble swats in his face at him just so he doesn't get too comfortable.

Don't get me wrong. My own hands dropped pretty abysmally. I pretty much eradicated this tendency on the bag, strangely enough.

Some light sparring:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Entry #556

I'm due to meet up with my sparring partner, Stanford, tomorrow at 12. Face is mostly healed up, except for the bridge of my nose.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Entry #555

Full-contact sparring. Or rather, he went full-contact and I shadowboxed him. Short guy, but strong. He kept decking my face and then going, "Oh my God, that was hard", and I told him to keep coming. Was right out of Raging Bull. I had to promise I wouldn't hit back. Got hit full-force every few seconds.

Puny 6 oz. gloves. Barely any padding.

He had excellent weight behind his throws. Leaned into them extremely well. I'm satisfied that I could brush off getting hit so often.

My legs were more tired than my arms. Bag work has payed off, but I need to condition my legs to swaying and weaving. Nothing that crippled me, but it was a bother. Uphill sprints will be perfect for stamina, Marciano-style.

Mouth is bloody from no mouth guard. Also, I kept instructing him along, so my jaw hurts from getting hit with my mouth open.

He got my number so we can go again on Sunday. I'll film it, although it won't be much to look at since I can't really display my punching ability. That's kind of annoying. It just removes an element out of the defense component because I can't push him back by countering or anything.

Points for next time:

> Everytime I threw a fast combination, he'd get thrown off. So press the action more. Shadowbox him to Hell. Kill the air molecules. This stance is not a passive style.

> Stick with the plan. Biggest error on my part was not sparring the way I've been training.
He's short, so I stayed on the outside and kept my lands low.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Entry #554

5 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 315 lbs.
4 x 1     330 lbs.
> Astonishingly easy. Could have done way more. I'll reach 400 in no time. Sadly, next week, I cycle squats out, although I won't be too bored, since there will be deadlifts. I'll keep up the 6-inch pause box squats and return much stronger five weeks from now (three weeks of ME deadlifts, two weeks of ME good mornings, and then back to squats).

Good mornings:
4 x 8     170 lbs.

Janda sit-ups:
3 x 8

Cable rows:
4 x 8     150 lbs.

I'm at the same weight, but my strength is improving with each week. I expect to reach at least 240 on this bulk.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Entry #553

Did some bag work on the garbage standing bag at the gym. Took some video, but it doesn't show anything of worth. My right shoulder was incredibly sore, and I could barely muster the power to throw good crosses. Here's a sequence. I didn't even notice that my glove came undone.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Entry #552

Floor press:
3 x 3     135, 185, 225 lbs.
2 x 2     255, 275 lbs.
1 x ½    300 lbs.
1 x 0     300 lbs.
> Very close to putting up 300 on the first attempt. Second was completely futile. The bar didn't rise an inch.
> Form was improved after 255, but arms are still doing most of the lift. Having trouble getting full-body drive. Still, a vast improvement over last week, when I couldn't even put up 275 for 1. Obviously a form issue here, more than anything. Was still a good experience to hold up 300 once again, and it should have carry-over on bench.

Close-grip bench:
3 x 8     185 lbs.
> Barely made the very last rep on the last set. Fatigued.

Tricep pressdowns:
4 x 8     150 lbs.

Lateral raises:
2 x 10   35 lb. dumbbells
1 x 6     40 lb. dumbbells
> Short rest between sets. Good pump. Strict.
> Kept the dumbbells at my sides, rather than in front of me. Much harder this way. Pressure isn't relieved off of the delts between each rep.

Bent-over dumbbell rows:
4 x 8     115 lb. dumbbells
> Not particularly difficult, but the gym doesn't have anything heavier.

Preacher curls:
1 x 5     95 lbs.
1 x 8     75 lbs.
1 x 5     75 lbs.
> Biceps were worn out. Start with 85 next time.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Entry #551

5 x 3     135, 185, 225, 275, 310 lbs.
3 x 1     325 lbs.
> Incredibly smooth. I could hardly believe how fast and easily 310 went up three times, with no struggle. Could have repped 325, but this needs to be approached incrementally.
> Adopted a wider stance. Made all the difference. Harder to go ATG this way. Hip flexors need to be warmed up thoroughly, which I did well in doing this session.

Good mornings:
4 x 8     165 lbs.
> Went low.

Janda sit-ups:
3 x 8
1 x 4
> Getting better stability and control. Feet don't come off the ground as much.

Cable rows:
4 x 8     150 lbs.
> Found a much better machine. I still rep the entire stack, but now, it's actually difficult.

Stretched for thirty minutes a number of hours later.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Entry #550

Bag work. I'm night and day away from my performance in the video up there. Head movement is a staple. Throw a jab, bob and weave. Hook, bob and weave. Yawn, bob and weave. Also not flat-footed. Staying up on my toes and exhibiting prevalent lateral movement. Rather than stuffing blows at one distance, I'm moving in, hitting, and moving back out.

Rear hand doesn't drop, period.

Jabs were excellent today. Leaning much more of my body into them. The trade-off is my left (yes, I'm not southpaw anymore) tiring faster. Will condition this. It would make for a great weapon.

Drilling this:

Basically just two 1-2's connected by a jab, and a hook at the end.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Entry #549

Sparring didn't happen. Never got the phone call. I even said yesterday that we could go to this really good Chinese food place nearby when we're done. Guess he likes Mexican.