Monday, December 24, 2007

Entry #544

Walked to the gym to use their bag, but it was closed for Christmas Eve, so I spent the next hour shadowboxing at the track. Had also brought my jump-rope, but I spent a lot of time being particular about little nuances in form, and the session went by too quickly. Good emphasis on head movement.
Entry #543

I've began putting together the preliminary design of my website:

As the antithesis to, say, T-Nation, I want the layout simple and straightforward. Content will be the focus, not flash. I favor the light text on black layout because it's easier on the eyes, especially at night, but I might change that. I also have a larger-than-average computer monitor, so I have to check on different screens if everything is the right size.

It's not going to have forums or anything like that. The success of that would depend on community, and I want to lean away from that. My approach is that even if I were the only person to ever visit this, it would be worth putting up for the references. It's essentially an oversized FAQ, backed by gathered links and sources.

No ads. If FreeWebs adds any, I'll find a new host.

Still have a lot of info to compile for articles.