Thursday, December 20, 2007

Entry #540

A few hours later. My sternum is better, so it seems like it was a short-term thing. I can move my arms ably, so training won't be affected, other than today's session being cut short. Still hurts to breathe deep, but not nearly as much as before.

Shame. Dips are my most successful assistance work for tris, except for maybe close-grip bench.
Entry #539

Benched 275, and then stupidly did weighted dips, even though my sternum still hurt from last week. Thought I could get by with leaning back and relieving pressure off of my chest, but that didn't work. Now, I can hardly breathe or move my arms to any substantial degree.

On a quick note, I met an old middle school acquaintance who's into powerlifting comps now. Exchanged numbers for further follow-up.

My dad came into my room and asked me what would happen if he attacked me now, in my injured, defenseless state. I promptly slid out a katana from the shelf next to me and welcomed him to try.