Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Entry #506

I trained like Hell yesterday, but didn't feel like recording. Sometimes, I don't want to ruin the purity of a good session by analyzing; everything just worked, and that's that. In brief, I worked the heavy bag in increments throughout the entire day, and then skipped rope at the track.


Speed bench:
8 X 3     185 lbs.
> Warm-up better next time. I'm starting out too slow, creating a drastic discrepancy between performance at the start versus the end.

Barbell skullcrushers:
3 X 8    135 lbs.

Weighted chin-ups:
4 X 8     25 lbs.
1 X 6     25 lbs.
> These drained my grip. The bar is set high, so I have to jump and latch on, which causes my weight-filled bag to flop and down. I had to switch to a different location on set 4 because a personal trainer and his client came in front of me. They were throwing a ball at the ceiling and catching it. That was after I was working in with someone else doing that exact exercise. Must be a bug going around.
Anyways, I had to do them over at the cable station, holding onto a thick, padded set of handles that were spaced way far apart. As I started, somebody asked me, "What are you training for?" I grunted out "boxing" while in surprise at the retarded form I had to go with. I still managed 8, though.

Barbell shrugs (strict):
1 X 1     365 lbs.
1 X 2     365 lbs.
1 X 4     365 lbs.
> My hands weren't shot by any means, but there was noticeable lack of crushing ability after the chin-ups, made evident by the fact that with each set allowing me time to recover, my reps doubled.

At night, I was hitting the bag again when an earthquake struck. I almost lost my footing in the middle of a good combination I had going. It was only a 5.6, apparently, but I reacted because I thought my bag station was about to collapse from my blows.