Thursday, October 18, 2007

Entry #498

I couldn't find my jab today. My right is still faster than my left (since I started out southpaw), even though I'm now more comfortable with a righty stance (which entails a left jab). I slowed myself down on the bag and focused on mechanics. What ensued: I kept myself extremely compact, almost in peek-a-boo, pushed with my hips to rotate my left side towards the bag, shot out my arm, and retracted. All of a sudden, it clicked in. Dissecting my form like that was invaluable.

To drill them further, I took off the gloves and shadowboxed in front of a mirror, placing emphasis on keeping a straight line with the jab to remove any semblance of "cat pawing". It's something that occurs from laziness during shadowboxing, without the commitment of maintaining a level plane with a punch that has no physical target to land upon.

I'm undeniably limited without a gym and faces to beat up, but all in due time.