Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Entry #472

Iron, at last.

It's an extremely disorganized gym. There's no one theme for each room, except for the cardio area. Free weights are mixed with the machines. There are two power-racks, which I prefer over squat-racks, but one of them is a wobbling piece of weakling. During hise shrugs, I reracked only 155 lbs., and the loose supports slipped out, crashing everything into the ground (which isn't rubberized in that room, unlike the entire facility of my previous gym). The other one looks sturdy enough, at least. And there is a punching bag, albeit a tiny, flimsy stand-mounted one.

There's also barely any space to walk. If the place were any more crowded, it would be unusable.

Everything was light for today's session.

Bag warm-up

Military press:
5 X 5
135 lbs.

4 X 8
50 lb. dumbbells

5 X 5

Hammer curls:
2 X 8
55 lb. dumbbells

Hise shrugs:
2 X 15

I prefer my old option, but this has what I need, and that's all I care about. And, luckily, they don't play any music.