Saturday, July 7, 2007

Entry #444

ME upper-body

I completed this in an hour, my shortest session for this day yet.

Heavy bag warm-up (good flicking jab today)

Bench press warm-up:
2 X 15
45 lbs.

Floor press:
5 X 3
135, 185, 225, 275, 310 lbs.
I was in a mental rut again, going through the motions half-asleep, so 275 felt heavier than expected. I punched myself in the face and cleared 310 with much less difficulty.

Military press:
1 X 15
45 lbs.
2 X 6
145 lbs.
There's no pain, but my spine feels dangerously compressed when standing under this. I'll practice the form this week and focus on keeping a straighter posture. It might just be normal pressure, but this would be of benefit either way.

T-bar rows:
5 X 10
90, 185, 195, 195, 195 lbs.

Lateral raises:
3 X 8
35 lb. dumbbells

Abdominal circuit:
chop-crunches, v-ups, leg raises