Sunday, July 1, 2007

Entry #439

I purchased a new bag from Big 5 today. The heaviest they had was 100 lbs., 25 lbs. more than my old one. That bag is serving as an anchor for the stand; I shoved it in between the supporting beams and it prevents the entire thing from shifting. Rocky Marciano used to work a 300 lb. bag so that he would be trained to apply more power into every punch just to get the thing to move. I'll have to go carcass hunting one of these days.

DE lower-body

This was done at home. No quantitative recording.

Shadowboxing warm-up

Hindu squats:
2 X 25
2 X 12
I was being cautious with my knee, hence the drop. It held up perfectly.

Good mornings:
4 X 10

3 X 12
I held position for a few seconds and threw punches at the climax of each contraction.

CoC gripper:
3 X 10