Thursday, June 28, 2007

Entry #437

Training has become so routine that I've felt little incentive to make record in the last week. From here on out, I'll have to take a more particular, scientific approach in analysis. I've become comfortable with my style of moving and have done little to alter it. Now, the focus is on becoming more adept with utilizing the maximum amount of force output. In blunt: I'm going to hit harder.

I turned my bag upside down to gain comfortable access to the harder portion. It worked too well. As I was hitting it today, the supporting ring broke off. That makes both sides. I have to buy a new one.

Last Saturday, I helped George out with powerlifting at the gym. It was productive. I saw the old man there again. He was shadowboxing. His punches hit the heavy bag harder and the speed-bag faster than anyone else I've seen there.