Saturday, June 2, 2007

Entry #427

I've lost strength. Excellent news. I welcome a challenge.

I've also lost weight. I'm down to 227. My diet will have to be stronger. I'll aim for eight meals a day. Despite that, only one lift suffered.

ME upper-body

Bench press:
5 X 3
135, 185, 225, 265, 285 lbs.
This was harder than usual. In particular, 225 felt heavier. I walked away from the noise to sit on a bench outside the gym, and then walked back in. My performance was improved after that (the rest period was no longer than the others). Next week, I'll cycle in floor presses for augmentation.

Military press:
1 X 15
45 lbs.
1 X 6
1 X 4
135 lbs.
1 X 10
45 lbs.
This suffered significantly. My muscles had sizzled by this time.

Seated dumbbell rows:
5 X 10
65 lb. dumbbells

Lying lateral raises:
2 X 8
30 lb. dumbbells

Abdominal circuit:
chop-crunches, v-ups, leg raises

Speed bag + heavy bag session

I practiced bodyweight squats and deadlifts in between several sets, but my right knee proved problematic.

The applied technique on the bags post-session was extremely sharp and quick, despite fatigue.

Next week, I'll be at full power.