Saturday, March 17, 2007

Entry #392

I was unable to record yesterday's circumstances due to a disabled internet connection. This account will be in accordance to Friday, March 16. Today was a reluctant period of leisure time.

The heavy bag felt heavy hands. In the midst of striking it, a gap in the zipping suddenly opened and stuffing flew into my mouth. However, I could not fully capitalize on solid positioning. The bag is hung directly over the edge of the patio, and I have to stand near the tip of the curb to hit it. I cannot adequately work in~fighting without continually stopping the bag with my hands from swinging beyond my reach. Consequently, my hooks often turn into swings, reaching out at odd angles to make contact. The way to train that type of punch would be to drill it from a dead~hang, but this does eliminate the aspect of incorporating it into combinations. Practicing that in shadow~boxing will have to suffice.

I continue to film all of this to self~critique.