Thursday, March 8, 2007

Entry #389

RE upper~body

I trained sore. It affected performance in exercises involving chest and triceps.

Warm~up dips:

Weighted push~ups:
25 lb. plate, 3X15

50 lb. dumbbells, 4X8


Hise shrugs:
225 lbs., 3X12

My right shoulder became inflammatory mid~session. Foreign movements call for a more extensive warm~up. At this bodyweight, dips aren't a warm~up in themselves.

Boxing work concluded the day. I cycled between shadowboxing, speed bag, and heavy bag. My hands felt unusually brisk. During shadowboxing, they snapped back and forth like rubber~bands. I was also notably faster on the speed bag, but that was because the platform wasn't loose, in an unprecedented state of maintenance.

Coach was there. He remarked on how proud he is of me after the three
years he's known and helped me, and how my success has helped motivate
him to better his own life and spirit. Just kidding. He stomped in the
room and roared a greeting while kicking an exercise ball clear
across the area, disturbing a woman and her trainer in the corner.

There's an old man that I've seen training there for quite a long time
now. He's lightning on the speed bag, and the standing bag tips over on
its base when he does rounds on it, his body swaying so fiercely into the punches that his adjacent foot nearly leaves the floor. I once struck up a conversation
with him, and he told me that he used to box in the Navy. He's 82 years old. I
saw him in the locker room today after a long absence and I was going
to ask him something important about boxing, but he was engrossed in a
conversation with somebody else about musicals. And I had to go.