Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Entry #373

DE lower~body

Power cleans:
135 lbs., 3 reps
8 sets

For this next set, my attempt at good mornings was met with back pain, in all certainty resulting from the deadlifting movement of power cleans. I opted for sets of hyperextensions instead (bodyweight).

Weighted cable crunches:
Entire rack (didn't check the number), 12 reps
5 sets

Plate pinches:
30 second holds
3 sets

A longtime schoolmate of mine invited me to participate in an MMA club he's in. Apparently, the facility is in downtown, within walking distance. I await his phone call.

An excerpt from Pavel's book took particular note in my mind. The back must be continuously maintained to be kept supple and flexible, as if it were a piece of metal. Rigidness is prone to breaking.

Unrelated note: two years ago (Monday, February 07, 2005), I wrote:

"Ditch pull ups. Having them before a big bicep routine leaves
me with none of the required stamina. Proper curls are more important
than pull ups for development. If possible, will work them in

I can't even recall thinking this incompetently.