Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Entry #513

My back felt like a board while trying to hit the bag today. I can actually identify it as muscle soreness this time, though.

Here's a video, the latter half being actual bag training:


My night run messed up my diet schedule. I only have time for five meals today, but it's okay. I ran two miles and walked home.


  1. You got nice speed on your movements.  Nice to see you trying out the Peek a boo.  Your elbows are flaring in your guard from what I can see, and you have the same problem I do of stuffing your straights by being too close to the bag (most likely because you like to throw hooks and infight instead of stay on the outside, and it's hard to find your range).  You move way faster than I do, that's for sure.  Doesn't look bad for something essentially self taught.

  2. Yeah, I experiment a lot in finding a comfortable distance, but the splayed elbows was completely over my head. Thanks for the critique. My would-be coach has his work cut out for him.

  3. A drill my coach had me on to find my jab was to extend my arm, touch the bag with it, get as far as I from the bag while still maintaining contact, and try jabbing only from that distance.  You could put a piece of tape on the ground to mark this off.  Do 3-4 rounds of just jabbing.

  4. Sorry, another post, but I should note that the strategy I posted was great for finding my distance, but also really tore up my shoulders, so exercise caution.

  5. I'll tread carefully. Thanks very much.