Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Entry #490

Some women were occupying my warm-up room with exercise bikes. I couldn't do anything with the bag today.

Clean and jerk:
6 X 3     135 lbs.
> Pull up more on the first portion of the movement. I consciously kept this in mind, and it made all the difference.

4 X 8     55 lb. dumbbells

Weighted pull-ups:
2 X 8     10 lbs.
3 X 5     10 lbs.
> I do these with a plate in a bag wrapped over my neck, and when I took it off too fast the first time, I smacked myself in the brow with it quite hard. I wish to keep the mental image of that alive for years to come, hence recording this.

Dumbbell shrugs:
3 X 12   115 lb. dumbbells
> It was my intent to go heavier, but apparently, 115 is the biggest dumbbell they have.


  1. Did you happen to split your eyebrow open?  That'd be a cool scar.
    Shame on the DBs.  My gym goes up to 150s.  My wife is just about there for pile squats, so now we need to switch to sumo pulls.

  2. No cut, but the word is still out on possible brain damage somewhere down the line. Keep your fingers crossed.