Saturday, October 6, 2007

Entry #487

Today should not have happened. First, the gym closes at 7:00 on weekends. I realized at 5:00 that I had run out of whey, and my ride to the store didn't work out, so I just walked to Whole Foods and back to get some. With an hour left, I ran to the gym, where I finished a lifting session that I normally take a good two hours to complete in only forty-five minutes while winded and hungry. What's more, I did better than last week.

Bench press:
1 X 15   45 lbs.
3 X 3     135, 185, 225 lbs.
1 X 2     265 lbs.
> Rest times spanned about a minute.

Overhead dumbbell press:
1 X 8     80 lb. dumbbells
1 X 5     80 lb. dumbbells
1 X 6     60 lb. dumbbells
> Focus on kicking up each leg individually for the set-up. I keep falling short on one side because of inadequate height.

Bent-over rows:
5 X 10    155 lbs.

Front raises:
3 X 12    25 lb. plates
> Killed the forearms.

Abdominal circuit

Walked home, as always. I also discovered a bunch of boxing equipment stashed away in a cabinet in one of the rooms. There were various gloves, mitts, chest-protectors, and even the ever elusive weight-belts. I've struck gold.


  1. Sometimes that panic and intensity of running out of time carries over to your lifting.  I've had several sessions where I had to cut rest times and sprint to equipment and had my best day ever in the gym.  It's not a good day to day practice, but once in a while, very effective.
    Someone must've written about it somewhere.

  2. "Someone must've written about it somewhere."I think I read something similar to that in one of Pavel's newsletters. I may be mistaken, though.Wicked day, though.