Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Entry #450

DE upper-body

Heavy bag warm-up

Speed bench:
10 X 3
185 lbs.

Barbell skullcrushers:
3 X 8     1 X 6
135 lbs.
This was with the Olympic bar and two 45's. All of the front seats were taken, so I resorted to the bench press set-up. I had to clean the weight to my chest, scoot forward to position my legs over the metal support bar, lie and do the set, sit-up with the weight, and curl it back onto the handles. One positive from this was that my elbows were iron-clad, despite the heavier weight and extra required stability for the lenghtier bar. It must be that cursed EZ bar responsible for my past tendonitis. Straight is the way to go.

5 X 6
Those involuntary 135 lb. curls left me in poor condition for these. I only managed six instead of the usual eight.

Hise shrugs:
2 X 15
245 lbs.
This saw a much better ROM than last week.

Heavy bag cool-down: very extensive work. I'm leaning into hooks much better. Still, remember not to push the bag. Snap back. I think this could have been blamed on the actual equipment itself. Untended to and forgotten, the bag is practically deflated. The covering offers thin protection for where your hand is really hitting: the support beam within. It's on a stand, so that's how it's kept upright. Consequently, I had an automatic tendency to connect with my palm more than I would have liked to prevent pointless damage to my knuckles. I don't fight poles.

Just work on jabs and straights, if that garbage is going to be used.

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