Monday, May 7, 2007

Entry #417

I returned to the track slightly later than usual, but, luckily, the fence was unlocked. Shadowboxing was prime. My hands were practically glued to my face; they never dropped unbeknownst to me when I didn't want them to.


> Keep toes pointed in direction that head and shoulders are facing. I have a habit of standing them to the side. Twisting the torso thus creates harmful friction in the knees.

> Roll the non-lead shoulder more upon a strike.

> Keep hooks, and, to a less extent, upper-cuts, closer to the body. They should move as an extension of the torso, not as independent limbs.

I finished with a few sets of ATG hindu squats.

Water intake is much more satisfactory. I'm drinking well over a gallon a day. I need to drink two.


  1. I think one gallon a day is enough, if you drink too much you can flush all the sodium out of your system, which isn't good.

  2. I ingest more than enough sodium to keep from dying.