Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Entry #345

ME Upperbody

I went into this session with painfully sore triceps lingering from Friday, and I still made gains.

Expectations weren't high, and I approached the bench press with caution, but I managed 245 lbs. for three reps with little difficulty. I could have gone for four or even five reps, or I could have gone back to 255 for three reps, but I'm training with a more cautious philosophy in mind. I believe that gradual progression on the load throughout the sets is key. Rather than jump from 225 to 255, I raised the weight in increments of 10 lbs., from 225 to 235 to 245, to become accustomed to the stress. Next week holds great potential.

Ryan was in the room, and he jovially yelled at me to "smack on the quarters" (275). A year ago, I would have listened to my ego. Instead, I told him that I'm not at 100%, so I'm being careful, and that I have no interest in maxing today.

I used the 70 lb. dumbbells for overhead press, and 8 reps posed no trouble for the first set. I made extra effort to ensure achieving a deep ROM, lowering the iron so that they were actually touching my shoulders on the eccentric portion of the lift. Subsequently thereafter, my arms started to feel like lead, and my reps drastically decreased; I heaved out 3 by the last set. I suspect this is a matter of sore arms. The weight felt light, but my muscles simply died.

My back is still stiff, but these relaxed stretches I've added to the usual routine that I've been doing in my room help some. My spine is arched a lot from the form that lifting entails, so anything that counters that and rounds my back feels beneficial. I kneel down on my knees on the floor in front of my bed, and rest my upper~half on the mattress, keeping myself occupied with a book or a Game Boy. Simple, but effective, at least in feeling.

Diet is going well. I started taking weightgainer today, for breakfast. Twelve eggs daily isn't feasible. I'll still consume those occasionally, though.