Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Entry #297

ME upper-body

Started floor-presses. The weight is basically what I bench. I need to get used to the coordination of it; had difficulty keeping shoulder blades pinched without having my legs extended to stretch my body out, as it would on bench press.

Have been using the speed-bag and the standing-bag for warm-up as of late. Knuckles are raw and cut from going bareknuckle so often, but the bag is soft compared to what I've got at home, so it's just skin breaking. .

Found a possible sparring partner. He's a competitive MMA'er with primarily BJJ in his arsenal, in stark contrast to my situation. We'd go hand in hand. I'm also lending him the AKA address, so if he's close I can maybe get a ride with him to the center, but I don't want to impose myself.

Jump-roping in the evening. Didn't aggravate my shin.