Friday, May 5, 2006

Entry #275

Am taking days off until next week's session in order to rehab my shoulder. Keeping frozen vegetable bags on it to reduce inflammation, and doing some basic exercises to keep it mobile. Also been practicing bench form whenever I get the chance. Attempting to keep my shoulder blades drawn back while I'm doing everyday activities so that the form becomes second nature to me, but it hurts my back if I keep them pinched together too long. Will work on this.

Great cardio today. Used the Eyetoy for PS2 as an entertaining warm-up (Virtua Fighter had my arms tired), and then ran to the high school to jog on the track. Didn't do HIIT. My shins hurt just from jogging. However, they're getting more tolerable to my weight, it seems. Did a lot of shadow boxing after. My cardio level has improved tenfold; it's just my shins holding me back. I seem to be locked at 212 lbs, but my bodyfat is definitely dropping.

Quoted for further reference:

"Retract your shoulders and press them down, get your legs under you and
drive your heels into the ground (or toes depending on if you want to
compete or not), arch tight and tuck your chin (double chin it), get a
hand out, keep your shoulders tucked while benching, then flare your
shoulders as the weight goes up.."