Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Entry #268

Kicked my ass in cardio training today. If I can't find anyone else to fight, I might as well do it against myself. My pattern was a lap of HIIT around the school track immediately followed by a round of shadow boxing, and then a rest. Was tough trying to link smooth combos under heavy fatigue, but I had little trouble putting power into my shots. Of course, I was tired from running, not fighting, so it's no mystery why that was so. I've noticed how second-nature it's become for me to snap back my strikes now. Same with keeping my hands up; I never drop 'em anymore. These were two bad habits that gave me a lot of problems in my spars against Malcom last year and the year before. All the bag training's paid off. To substitute for that I hung my sweatshirt over the pull-up bar and used the two hanging sleeves as targets to aim for in later rounds. Discovered it totally by accident.

Preceding this, I managed 15 pull-ups, at the current weight of 210. At 185 lbs last year my max was 17.