Friday, February 10, 2006

Entry #234
I'm digging my new meal plan. Upon wake-up I take the weightgainer, and
have a solid meal a few hours later before the gym. Shoving eggs down
my gullet wasn't nearly as beneficial as 1200 calories from Serious
MASS before 7:30am.
Initial attempt at box squats today at the gym. I had to be creative.
Too many people were using the plastic blocks for a boost up to reach
the pull-up bar, so I used the wooden deadlift box with four plates
stacked up on one another. The recommendation is to start at about
parallel, but I was surprised at how deep I was able to go. Blame it on
a habit of good squat form in general.
Didn't get any striking done; I crashed after the gym. Meal plan was insane, though. Also started loading phase on creatine.